Anime Girl Wetting Her Panties

So very cute and innocent. But she has to be punished for wetting her panties. She'll be put on a strict "toilet schedule": 11 am in the morning, and 7 pm at night. That's it for the day. And only 1 minute for each potty break including time needed to pull down all the layers of girly clothes, chastity belt, pantyhose. Wipe herself clean after peeing (even if just a little bit, without really emptying her bladder), and pulling everything back up.

aliceleed aliceleed 22-25, F 7 Responses Mar 19, 2011

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Jagkieth, I would LOVE someone to do that to me!!!!!!!

i love pictures like these

Yes she has to learn to stay dry. Pee hole superglued. No escape.

Yes, you set the 24 hour rule. A large ball gag if she complains, cuffs if she grabs her pee hole, and a spreader if she can't keep her legs apart. If she pees-this is extreme-superglue her peehole closed. She has to learn to stay dry.

If she takes longer than 1 minute, her next potty break is canelled. Cruel enough. But her bladder is also filled up instantly. She just peed and took more than 1 minute, now her bladder is filled to the seam. Bursting. And her next toilet visit is cancelled. It means she has to wait for 24 hours!

What happens if she takes longer than 1 minute?

Yes, my dear, I like your rules better than mine. Another good punishment-***** her down to her panties, cuff her hands behind her back, strap a large ball gag in her mouth, and stand behind her at the door to the bathroom with a stopwatch. Tell her she has 20 seconds to walk over, sit down, pee, and be back standing in this position. If she is 1 second over, a chastity belt with a 7" remote controlled vibrator is strapped tight around her waist, and I will use it to tease her all night, not allowing her to ******. How would you punish her, details?