Tiffany Roses

Tiffany was born in China, she was premature and dying. Abandoned by her parents to a fosterhome, Tiffany was not even 6 months old. She was adopted by a middle aged caucasian couple and brought to Minnesota. They got her legal birthday to be August 1st, 1992 though they had no proof of her real birthday. Tiffany was raised as an only child and was always very lonely. She was sickly at a young age, her premature birth was the main cause of her health problems.

When Tiffany reached the second grade she seemed above average for her age. She met a girl named Kylie (me) and instantly felt feelings for her. Though there was no immediate reaction between them right away, Tiffany felt a bond.

Kylie was born in Feb 18th, 1993. She had a twin sister who was minutes older than her leaving her the youngest in her family. Kylie had 3 sibilings, Caleb, her brother was was 2 years older than her, and Ashley, her twin sister. Kylie spent the first few years of her life in Iowa, she felt feelings for girls from the time she was born. When she moved to Minnesota she got put into the second grade with students she did not know. A boy named Nick (a popular 2nd grader) picked on Kylie, others followed his example. They picked on her without reason and made school very difficult for her.

Tiffany defended Kylie at school, all she could think about is how Kylie made her feel and they have not even had a conversation yet. When Tiffany defended Kylie she would also get picked on. The students mocked her for not knowing her birth parents. Tiffany did not mind their ignorance, she was to focused on her feelings toward Kylie.

Kylie got very stressed as her school life went on. People continued verbally and physically abusing her throughout elementary school. She got into fights a lot and teachers started seeing her as a bad student. When Kylie was 13, she and her family visited her aunt. While at her aunts house she played Hide and Seek with her cousins. Kylie had been chosen to find the other people. When Kylie found her 15 year old female cousin, she asked Kylie, "Have you ever been kissed be another girl?". immediately after saying that she kissed Kylie on the lips.

When Kylie returned from her aunt's house she knew she had feelings for other girls. She asked out a girl named Jayme who she had liked for some time. To Kylie's suprised Jayme said yes. They dated for nearly 3 years. During their time together they did nothing more than talk and hold hands. When Kylie got into 9th grade Jayme cheated on her by having sex with a younger boy. Kylie left Jayme after that feeling worse than ever. People still abused her through school and called her an emo because of the way she dressed and acted. Kylie was so stressed she just wanted someone to feel close to again.

A few weeks after her break up with Jayme, Kylie started dating a girl named Sally. Sally seemed high spirited and funny when Kylie first met her. Kylie later found out Sally was cheating on her with her ex-boyfriend. Kylie noticed that Sally appeared to get bruises everytime she would be with him. Though she knew she was being cheated on Kylie decided to stay with Sally and try to help her. When Kylie finally got information out of Sally it was not good. Sally informed Kylie she had lost her verginity at the age of 12 from her ex-boyfriend. A few days after revealing some of the true information in her life, Sally was struck by a vehicle. Kylie believes it was an attempt at suicide.

When Kylie visited Sally in the hospital, she said she had no feelings for girls and broke off the relationship. Kylie still tried to help, but Sally eventually ran away into hiding. Kylie assumed Sally killed herself and fell into an extreme depression. She realised that people who did drugs seemed to be nice to her. She started hanging out with them but refused to do drugs with them. Kylie decided sinse none of her relationships with women worked out, she'd get with a man. Kylie met a boy and he seemed very nice. They hung out after school a lot and got to know eachother. One Saturday morning around 3am Kylie got a call from him asking her to come over. Kylie was a bit susicious of the call but trusted him. When she got to the house he, and 3 other boys beat her with thier fists until she could not move. They brought her into a room and left her alone with him. He choked and raped her. When she was released she could hardly move. She managed to walk over a mile back to her house.

Kylie tried to make sence of what happened to her. She could not sleep at night and feared telling anyone. The boy who had raped her ended up overdosing on alcohol and ecstasy. Kylie felt as if she had no one. Everyone she liked ended up ruining her life more. One day while getting a drink she noticed all the bottles of pills next to the sink.

One afternoon on Sunday Tiffany got a call from Kylie's brother, he told her that Kylie had tried to kill herself. Tiffany and her parents went to the hospital to visit her, when they got there the doctors said Kylie had lost her pulse and they were trying thier best. Tiffany's heart sank and she felt guilty, all she could do was cry.

Kylie was nothing, nothing existed in her life, not even herself. Then she felt something, it startled her because seconds before she was nothing, could not feel, could not think, could not see. Now she could here voices, see a blurred light, and felt pains in her chest. She opened her eyes completely and saw Tiffany and her parents. Tiffany was crying and her parents were comforting her. Kylie could see no one else around her. It was then she realised her mistake.

Not even Kylie's parents visited her in the hospital, Kylie realised Tiffany was the one always there for her, the one she could care for and get the same respect back. When she get out of the hospital she started visiting Tiffany. On May 26th she asked Tiffany out, Tiffany was startled at first. After she realised what had been asked she quickly accepted.

The next day Kylie was in Tiffany's hottub with her. Tiffany was wearing a onepiece swimsuit which made Kylie laugh on the inside, she thought it was adorable. When they went back into the house to change, Kylie changed 1st. While sitting on the edge of the bed Kylie thought about how sweet Tiffany was. When Tiffany came out of the bathroom and said next to Kylie, Kylie started rubbing her leg. Tiffany got very nervous and her face turned bright red. Kylie could tell what was going on but continued to progress. She unbuttoned Tiffany's pants and started kissing her. Tiffany did not know what to do and just layed back in shock. Kylie assured her everything was ok and undressed and fingered her. Tiffany started to feel more comfortable after a while but instantly fell into shock again when Kylie undressed. Kylie layed next to Tiffany and rubbed waist and asked if they could finger eachother. Tiffany hesitated but accepted. Kylie and Tiffany fell asleep hugging after the night was over.

Tiffany invited Kylie over a lot after that, they loved to hang out and talk about thier hobbies. One day while Tiffany and Kylie were at Kylie's house the doorbell rang. Kylie answered the door and Sally was standing there. Sally said she had made a big mistake by running away and wanted to go out. Kylie got upset and said she was dating Tiffany. Sally responded by saying Tiffany was a beautiful and lucky girl. After complimenting Tiffany she left. A few weeks later Kylie got news that Sally had killed herself by overdosing.

On July 14, 2009 Kylie got married to Tiffany. They had thier wedding in an office, after thier parents signed the papers Tiffany began to cry and hug Kylie. Kylie then started to cry too.

Present Day: I am still with Tiffany, I am 6'0, 120 lbs. I had to get a kidney transplant due to my overdose. Tiffany is 5'3, 85 lbs. Last doctors checkup she was told she'd live to be around the age of 40. The thought of it makes me cry. Tiffany says she is going to live to be 70+ for me. I love her and her spirit. Tiffany has seperation anexiety disorder and is also very shy. The most adorable thing she has done recently is hide behind me, stand on her tippy toes, and peak over my shoulder while I ordered her food.






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I love her so much, I haven't argued with her once in my life, our only problems are because of health issues, we can manage. I am pretty sure things well continue to go fine for a while.

That's really sweet, I hope things continue going good for you 2.

Go for it! :D

Wow, thanks! I never share much, I am new to this. I'll post some funny stories of you would like. Kind of inappropriate stories but still funny to a lot of people.

So touching, I really am glad I read this today and I hope you will enjoy sharing more with us.<br />
I'm sure I won't forget your story as it is a true testimony that love can heal even the most traumatic experiences. I wish you two to be happy for as long as life will let you. Keep us posted, okay?

Wow!!! the could be a movie,,,,a great movie....I am happy for both of you...Larry