Most Men Are Lesbians?

So says my barber.

He went to a  bar and tried to pick up a girl. She said "No, thanks, I'm a lesbian." "Me, too!" says the barber. Her friend turns to him and said, "No, we only like girls." The barber smiled and said, "Yeah, I know! Me, too!" The first girl was getting pretty irritated and said, "She means we only like kissing girls." "Exactly," said my barber. "I only like kissing girls, too!"

Exasperated, the second girl fairly hissed, "We don't like guys sticking their dicks in us."  To which my barber threw up his hands and declared: "Then we've got a lot in common. I'd hate to have a guy stick his **** in me!"

He went home alone that night. It was the next morning that I was in there getting a trim when I learned that men and lesbians like alot of the same things.

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Mar 6, 2010