Small Colorful Socks

Loves When a girl has on some really pretty socks on that is a little too small so the keep sliding down halfway off in her shoes all day, and when the shoes are loose and flopping so that the heels are showing that both of the socks are deep down in the shoes...and she pulls the socks up only to repeat the process again.
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That's exactly what I wanted to express when you asked me that question loool

We had a conversation about this, awhile ago. Just wanted to let you know I have found something perfect for you and your girlfriend. they are called sock undies! They are like underwear for your feet lol!!

Haha what do they look like?

Underwear for your feet lol

Like no show socks? My socks have been falling down all day btw

You really need to google them!! Lol

They are called "foot undies"

Lol I seen em I don't really see the significance in em hahaha

They will always be half and feel like they slipped off your foot like a sock would! And it would be consistent! Lol

I kinda like the already halfsocks...they come printed too like cheetah n zebra lol

But if forgot your obsessed with socks not feet lol

Lol exactly...the addiction is them being halfway off...

Yeah those would be pointless for you! Lol

Hahaha has it happen to u lately?

No I've been barefoot, and wearing my toms. But the day after we talked about it, it happened. And I totally thought of you! And I kept it half for the rest of the day, it wouldn't move down anymore! Lol

Haha was it both socks that fell down?


Mine has been falling down more often than not lately

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I love a guy that has on fresh white socks it's so sexy to me. I always thought that I was weird but you make me feel differently about it now like its normal. Lol.

I like fresh whites too...I'm really gettin into like pattern socks n more festive socks too tho, but I love like ankle or no show socks, and no indeed you not weird lol

Me too

Thats an awesome feeling! I prefer ankle length though...Lets connect!

It is awesome, I like ankle length too, as long as they are the ones that slide down my girlfriend some...white ones they are really small, and as soon as she walks they slide halfway off...and she leaves them that way...