I Was Taught By a Neighbor

I was taught how to eat a woman by my next door neighbor and I have gotten into it a lot. I have several women in my life that I enjoy it with, including my sexy maid and my husband's secretary. It is very very sensuous and to be honest, I think women taste deliciously sweet. I love doing girl on girl sixty-nine, just making each other climax over and over until we have to stop because we get too sensitive.

I enjoy a man more than a woman but I have developed quite a taste for women. I suppose my favorite is when my husband and I share a girl, where she eats me while he does me doggy style, or where I lick her while she rides up and down on my husband. I love to lick at their joining, worming and snaking my tongue over his tool and working my way up to her quivering nub, seeing them both get very excited. The later, eating his leavings from her freshly used slit. It is exquisite.

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Very well the scenes you describe!

Thank you for your very kind praise. I love pleasing you.

the story makes my day. i like to watch with my wife a group sex of two girls and a man. but i don"t know about my wife like to have another woman but for me i like to share my wife with another woman.

So pleased to have made your day. Warm Kisses.

What a happy arrangement - Eat, drink and be merry! Enjoy.

We certainly celebrate life together.

I have never had an encounter with a woman, but my husband and I are splitting up....long before we made that decision, I had been fantasizing about women a lot. I often watched girl on girl **** on the notebook PC and *********** when he was away. I read articles about how to properly eat a *****. <br />
<br />
Now that we have split, I am going to find a woman to ****, once and for all. I am determined to have a woman eat me and I want to lick her **** until she ****. <br />
<br />
I don't think this is some passing fancy....I may have men again too, at some point, but right now I am after one thing and one thing only --- a good *****!!!

I can so identify with those feelings. There is something so precious about being with another woman, driving her to ****** and surrendering your body to her. I am sure you will find what you are looking for. Don't be shy about sharing your desires with your girlfriends. They may surprise you.

very sexy story, love that you enjoy both ***** and ****.

I love that I enjoy both as well. Bisexual women are the happiest people on the planet.

Very nice. Ummmm, the house next door... is it for sale? :)

We moved away, unfortunately, and now the nearest neighbor is more than a mile away from us. Big estates with wrought iron gates and walls.

Bummer. I'm sure it's a beautiful area- one that would make blue-collar guys like me a bit jealous (no worries- I'm happy) but it sounds kinda lonely. Especially for a social lady like yourself. I hope you find another deserved friend to share in your adventures. Your husband is quite lucky :)

I was taught to eat a woman by 2 bi female friends. I would watch one of them eat the other one, then I would eat one while the other had her face next to mine telling me what to do

How wonderful for you, to be taught by such experts. I would love to see the result of all that bi-sexual coaching.

Legitimate appraisal and guidance from adoring and compassionate friends are so important in the progression in making the next important step. A loving partner who is without ridicule, judgment or jealousy has to be the most imperative criteria when stepping into the controversial world of Ménage a Trio. So many relationships are destroyed by ill informed and desirous individuals.

Yes, I agree. I always felt so safe with her and her husband. I love them and they love me. We are like all four married together. She made me very comfortable exploring new things and was so wonderfully encouraging and set such a good example.

I was encouragingly consummated in the expertise of oral tenderness by my aunt................. I am so delighted that I am Bi-Sexual; I in all honesty enjoy the paramount in both worlds.

Yes, there is supreme pleasure and powerful sensations of such magnificent force in both worlds. And in merging the two experiences together with a *********.

There is nothing quite like the taste of a woman!! Delicious!!

you are hot woman! wish I could have you! wufffffffffff

Fantastic story. So well done. Kudos.

I love your wonderful comments more than you can know, Thank you all so much for sharing your enjoyment of my stories, Warm kisses

Very hot and amazing story !

Ok, that story works for me. I'm now semi erect.


Very good story, that is very hot, I agree regarding the sweet smell of a woman, I really love to suck their liking, I have not taste a man licking yet,. I admire the beauty of men, but certainly I like much more the women.

Amazing, couldnt think of anything better!

SOOOO! EXCITING! I would love for someone to be licking my wife as I **** her


WOW! Very hot! My girlfriend Suzi and I have discussed having a ********* with another girl. In Suzie's fantasy, I **** the hell out of the other girl and when I finish ******* inside her, she makes Suzi crawl over to her and lick her oozing ****. WAHOO!!<br />
<br />
We even discussed who the other girl ought to be. I know a bitchy little **** who would love ordering my gf Suzi about had an ****** when I told her who I want to get.

You sound like quite a woman.

Damn hot. Reminds me of myself. If you are intersted, just whistle.