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My Aunt Asked Me For My Help

My Aunt asked me for my help

At the age 13 I was taught by my aunt how to give oral sex to a woman. My brother and I and her two sons were all sleeping in their room. My aunt came in and asked me to help her with something in her room. I got up and followed her. When we got to her room she began taking off her clothes. I was scared but could not turn away. She was a thin woman with small breast but very large nipples. I stood there in my pj’s not knowing what I should do.

Once she was completely undressed she laid down in the bed open her legs and began rubbing her clitoris. That’s when she asked me to come lay with her. I did and she told me to suck her nipple. As I began sucking her right nipple she started rubbing her clitoris faster and faster. After about five minutes of this she told me to lay face down between her legs.

As I lay there she told me to stick out my tongue and lick where her finger had been. Not knowing any better I did. After a couple of licks she grabbed the back of my head and forced it to her vagina where my face became covered in hot sticky liquid. She told me to lick it up because it made her feel good and after I finished, she would do something for me to make me feel good and she did. She took my little manhood into her mouth and sucked me until chills went all threw my body. About 2 hours later I went back to the boys room wondering if this was the last time we would ask me for may help, in truth it was only the beginning.
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Weren't you lucky? learning how to lick ****...and getting blown. OK, she would be in jail if your parents had complained, since this is statutory rape. I'm sure she would have been licked and *********** by strong lesbians while there, though...she looked like a very sensuous female.

Thanks I was lucky and happy.

You are living my dream - I would LOVE to be a "licker" for a group of women. One of my hottest fantasies is to be at a party with several women and be "forced" to go from one to another, putting my head up under their skirt and licking them to their ******. Licking a sexy ***** is the best part of any sexual encounter.

Being a licker for a group of women is my dream as well. I just hope one day I can fulfill it.

I haven't seen her in about 20 years. But while I live in Chicago, we had many encounters. True story, she even had me to lick one of her friends. To this day my wife is glad I learn to eat this skill from my aunt. although my wife knows her, we have never had the chance to play with her.<br />
<br />
I have however been asked by my wife to perform oral sex on a number of her friends. My wife is not Bi, she just like to watch them ***. Many times her friends ask if I can do them alone. But I always decline. Why mess up a good thing.

A lot of females who are not bi still like to see other women *** or get ******. My wife was once very jealous of a gf of her then bf, she stalked her in the restaurant where the girl worked, and went as far as going through an ffm ********* to know how the other girl was built and how she sounded when getting laid. They were not interested in sex between themselves. She confided years later that she had actually learnt from that girl how to make love to a foreskin with your mouth - contrary to my wife who had a clear preference for cut *****, like most women, this girl enjoyed licking, sucking, and nibbling on foreskin with their common uncut bf's ****.

What a great turn out to a sleep over i bet you sleep in the next day with a big smile on your face!! I can't wait to hear more about your aunt and you and what else she taught you!! Do you still get together with her know?