My Favorite

My favorite way is to lay beneath the woman as she's on all fours, facing away. This seems to give me more room and flexibility to use my hands, fingers, or toys.

The first time I did it was with my wife when she was my fiancé. It was one of our first sessions.
It started out with me straddling both of her legs on my knees, with a back rub. Which quickly turned into a session of petting and running my lips over most of her body.
I started kissing the back of her neck; not just the middle, but along both sides including her ear lobes. I kissed her shoulders and down her back. I kissed along her sides, working my way back to her neck. She squirmed and moaned the entire time as I was doing this. While I explored her back with my mouth, my hands took turns doing the same. Lightly roaming, taking note of her reactions everywhere they went.
As I worked my way to her ***, she squirmed more beneath me. I gently bit, then kissed each cheek. She moaned in approval each time. I moved back and moved to kneel between her legs as she spread them to acccomodate me. I rubbed the back of her left thigh with both hands. Each slid down and along the sides as my mouth traced the back. I moved up and down the length of her thighs, gently grazing her ***** mound with the edge of my hand on each up stroke. She shifted her hips each time, so that her wet lips swept across my hand as she did. I worked my way down her leg. I found that she has a spot on the inside of her ankle that drives her crazy. She let out a louder moan each time I kissed or gently rubbed it.
I worked my way back up her legs and paid homage to her *** again before making my way down her other leg. Again as my hand neared, she moved her ***** over my hand. She was a lot wetter than the first time. I reluctantly worked my way all the way down her leg again. Then I made my way back up. As I got back to her crotch, there was an obvious wet spot on the bed beneath her!
I kissed the small of her back and she started to lift her *** off the bed onto her knees and elbows. She then told me, "I need you inside me, NOW."
She was super slippery. My **** slid completely inside her in one motion. She gasped as I bottomed out. I held still for a moment. She bumped her ***, hard against me. I took the hint, and grabbed her by her hips. I began driving myself into her in long, slow strokes. She was moaning with each stroke.
As I felt myself getting close to my own climax, I told her "don't move..."
I pulled out and grabbed her ***** from her nightstand. I quickly slid beneath her. I pulled her hips down so her ***** was on my face. I began licking up and down the length of her slit. As I settled in to focus on her ****, I eased the ***** inside her. I slowly ****** her with it as I licked her ****. Before long she was really getting into it. I was having a hard time keeping up with her movements as I worked her. I reached up and held onto her *** with my free hand. We got back into a rythm and soon she was squeezing my head with her thighs as she had an ******. I couldn't reach her **** while she did this, but I kept working her with the *****. As she relaxed her thighs I moved my tongue back to her engorged ****. She jumped as I made contact. She told me "no" but I grabbed her hips with both hands and continued my tongue's assault. Soon, she relaxed again and got back into it. As she had her second ******, the ***** popped out onto my chest. She collapsed above me onto the bed. I grabbed the ***** and licked her juices from it.
I set it on the nightstand and turned my attention back to her.
She was breathing heavily as she laid on her stomach. I rolled her over onto her back and got between her legs. I easily slid back inside and lifted her legs so they were against my chest. I worked myself in and out of her until I had my own ******.

We both fell asleep right away. Some time later, I was awoken by her cleaning me with a warm, wet washcloth. When I was cleaned, she put me in her mouth momentarily. She pulled me out and said, "my turn." Then she put me back in her mouth.


I have come to enjoy the mentioned position for eating her the most. I seem to be able to bring her to ****** quicker/easier.
JosetteLaRoc JosetteLaRoc
1 Response May 8, 2012

Great story and wonderful way to get a lady off. I also love the taste and the feeling of giving a woman pleasure with my mouth. I also love the woman on top, so I can cup her lovely behind with my hands as I lick to my heart's content.