Loved Licking Her.........

My 2nd wife is a woman who loves oral. At least she did when we were together, and because she was so enthusiastic about it I loved eating her *****! I remember when we got cleaned up she usually went first, and then when I came to the bedroom she would be laying on the bed naked with her legs spread and her knees bent, and most of the time one or both of her hands would be playing with her ****. I would walk in and lay at the foot of the bed and watch for a while, then I would start to play with her ***** myself, licking my fingers every so often, tasting her delicious nectar. Then I would move up and start licking her, and she would put her legs over my shoulders and start squirming around as I licked her slit from top to bottom, then I would start pushing my tongue into her hole, tongue-******* her as it were, and then make my way back up to her **** and flick my tongue all over the place till she came at least once, usually more than that. After she got her **** pierced she went nuts, what with me flicking it back and forth with my tongue, her juices literally flowing into my mouth! While I was concentrating on her **** I reached around her body and played with her ****, pinching her nipples as she started to thrash around while I was still flicking her **** and **** ring with my tongue. My attitude is that if you can make her ***, do it as long and hard as you can, keep her *******!
chillsdavis chillsdavis
56-60, M
May 10, 2012