Lick Out Below

I love to coax my wife to straddle my head so I can lick that delicious ***** and play with her DD **** and large nipples. Last night as i lay in bed she claimed on top as if she was going to mount me. Subtly hinting she wanted sex by grinding her crotch on my quickly hardening ****. I removed her tank top and began playing with her hard nipples and squeezing her large breasts. She leans over and I take first one then the other into my mouth and suck them. I reach back and slide my hands down her shorts to fell and squeeze her sexy *** as I suckle. I manage to wrestle her shorts off with out my mouth leaving her nipples and remove mine as well. I pull her up so that she is hovering that sweet ****** above my hungry mouth and start in licking all over those pink lips and hard **** making her moan and grab my head pulling me deeper. As I lap at her soaking *****, I can feel my erect **** throbbing and bobbing as this makes me horny beyond anything else. I slip first one then two fingers up inside her and stroke her "G" spot while working her button with my tongue. She reaches a great ******* and I continue licking softly as it subsides. I considered stopping there and rolling her over but thought better of it. So, since she didn't move and I love licking this woman to *******, i repeated the whole process over. Once the second wave had passed, she went down on me and devoured my manhood with extreme talent and gusto. There was lots of shaft and ball licking along with her signature move that brings me quickly to the edge of *******. She edged me a couple of times and then took my blasts down her throat milking every last drop out of me. She rolls off of me and to my surprise, I am still rock hard. I roll on my side and slowly slide into her much to her surprise and delight. I managed to **** her hard and fast to 2 more strong climaxes before I was too limp to continue. Man, what a night! It may have been kinda short but very hot and intense!
indy7up indy7up
46-50, M
Sep 10, 2012