Love A Woman's Juice

I thoroughly enjoy the act of cunniligus on a woman! The taste, the smell, the adventure, it's all fun!

I enjoy making my way down, kissing each thigh and massaging her ***! I love taking my tongue from her anus to just below her **** several times. Then running my tongue along the outer lips, sucking and flicking each one before turning to the inner lips and showing them just as much love before delving into the moist wet ***** with my long tongue.

As she begins to writhe around I move my tongue north to her **** and make large circles, taking it in my mouth I make a few long licks then some short ones, then give it a few flicks, all the while inserting two fingers into her *****, rubbing her g-spot!

As she begins to shudder in orgasmic bliss I hold on for the ride, flicking faster, rubbing harder until she collapses in glory!
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Sep 17, 2012