The Key To Really Good Oral Sex To A Woman Is In The "wobble" !! Allow Me To Explain.

According to "*********** 101" one way to make going down on a woman is to use your tongue about her lips and trace the alphabet with the tip of your tongue. A,B,C,D,E and so on. But if you you would like an advanced tip then the next time your mouth is matched up to a womans "labia majora" remember this word. "WOBBLE"! So you press your lips up against hers and without the voice you mouth the word,"WOBBLE". And change the speed of the word from slow at first then a little quicker and interject some tongue on her clitoris periodically and then back to "wobble" and see how that goes for you. Some words react with some women more then other so don't be afraid to experiment with similair words.
My second wife barely ever received oral from her first husband so when I did this to her she nearly lost her mind hense why she's now my 2nd wife !! lol And the first night her and I were together she climaxed 8 times in 40 minutes. Nuff said.
Damian2k2000 Damian2k2000
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Don't knock it till you try it! LOL