I Love Being A Cunning Linguist So Much I Can *** Hands Free!

I love going down on a woman sooo much there have been times I have ********** before I've been touched!! It's happened only a handful of times, I'm not sure if its normal, but it has happened. Just the thought of tasting the sweet nectar of a woman's thighs is HOT!!! I love to tease and ultimately please my woman, lay her on her back slowly kiss her nave and surrounding areas inner things are a hit as well letting her sample my sucking and tongue techniques before I actually start my performing for her... I love Laying in a position in which it seems I'm French kissing her vajayjay it works best for me but ill do it any way I can!!! Woman sittin on my face is a definite turn on as well!! Just the sight of her beautiful gens lowerin to my face! Back to the subject at hand... Lol I start by kissing around and getting her nice and relaxed theming peel the majoras open I love the sound when they are moist it's like breaking a seal mmm and then slow butterfly licks run tongue vertically along her **** one authoritive slow yet brief stroke not only to see her reaction but get a quick taste of her sweeteness.... Uh oh break time too excited brb
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*** many a time with out being touched she as now made me wear PVC pants to save the mess going on any thing I only have to wash them out afterward,
If she as been with her boy friend and I am no my knees in front of her as I see and smell there sex trigers me of and I start to *** would not have it any other way.