I Can Eat U For Hours !

I can't even begin to discribe how much I enjoy pleasing a woman with my tongue lips & mouth . When I start making love and slowly kissing my way down there body pausing at all a woman's special spots . By the time I kiss my way to ur sweet ***** I can feel the heat . Ur so turned on . U smell so good . I tease u with my tongue and ur so wet . Ur **** is so hard . I gradually increase the intensity and u have ur first ****** grinding ur ***** into my face . I have u sit on my face and ride my tongue . Ur comming the juices are flowing and I'm not going to waste a drop . I keep going until ur exhausted content and totally satisfied . I just love to eat ur sweet ***** !!!!!!!!!!
Dirtman19561000 Dirtman19561000
56-60, M
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Love it when a man knows his place ... I Luv tongue for hours and hours ... At least four is best !!

I can do that :) I would be happy to .

I would love for you to eat mine for several hours... you are a very considerate man when it comes to pleasing a women. :D

After seeing ur beautiful body and ur hot juicy ***** I would love to stay between ur legs for days . You are such a beautiful sexy woman . I would love to find every ****** u have hidding inside and kiss lick suck and finger u till I've found every last one leaving u exhausted content and satisfied ;)

One day I am going to find you... :o) ****Hugs

I was thinking the same about u :) I think ur incrediable and ur ***** is too sweet to let any of those juices go to waste ! I'm so very hungry for you !!!!!!!!!!