I Love A Man In True Sense

I am totally into deep and equally in love to a man who gave me pleasure with oral sex (just to say it plainly). I felt the involvement when I felt that he is genuinely true to pleasing me as his love. And as a lover he tries everything to give me the things/pleasure a woman needs. It's not all about material satisfaction, but the being the woman he wants to be with. He shows how he needs and wants the whole of me. Whispering those sweet thoughts keeping the warmth and the sensual feeling. Never losing the ecstacy that's emerging through the love making.
Oral sex is more than physical pleasure as he let me know his heart. It's about taking everything about me, knowing how he wants every inch of me and my mind. It's more than aboaut pleasing, but it goes deeper to as to mind *******. It's just wonderful.
And who could resists such kind of man, giving his woman a true sense of love making with oral sex. A gentle and true lover.
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I agree so much!!!
.I truly wanna feel every inch of my ladies body and the only way for me to be 100% aroused is to feel her literally quiver and shake against my face

Tasting and feeling the waves of juices flowing in my mouth and down my cheeks....

I LOVE the almighty power over her when her **** is Between my kids lips...almost to firm but just the right pace and I pull my fingers out of her and she squirts all over me.


I crave oral Sex with a woman. Use to make all my girlfriends climax with it but my wife isn't into it at all... Every lady should be so lucky LR!

Mmmm yes, oral is one of the 3 ways to be truly intimate with a woman.

**wondering what the other 2 must be**^^

1st: Kissing. And I mean passionate, making out like a couple of high schoolers, devouring each other till you both have to come up for air kissing.
2nd: The a fore mentioned in your writing and in the above comment.
3rd: Being hooked up together as one and looking deep into each others eyes with her knowing he wants her... and only her (or in your case... only you).
Answer your question, LR girl?

Hey !! CowGirlFan got it exactly Right. Except that I would put #3 first. True intimacy begins in the mind :)

Woops... I forgot that one. Point well taken, maninfl, but that would make 4 ways instead of the mentioned 3. Since the mind is the biggest intimate organ we humans have, I think I'd leave the sequence alone and make it 4 points, but ad your point of true intimacy beginning in the mind as the 1st point and the following three be in the order that they'd happen as the passion unfolds and in that order.

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Mmm it's fantastic and a fine art

Mmm. . . thanks Comebacksoon.^^

Well, of course, nobody wants a selfish lover. :)

Right!! Who needs one boring selfish one. };-p

Ready , Steady and Goooooooooooooo

Wasn't that a teenage dance show, sort of like American Bandstand, on the BBC back during the British Rock Invasion era of the mid 60s?...
Oh... not that type of Ready, Steady, Go.


Love to make you laugh, kiddo.

Your talent for thought expression has a way of stimulating the minds of those who read your writings, my dear LadyR, no matter what the topic and the thoughts you're expressed here on this topic are no exception. As you quite often do, you capture my feelings exactly and as you quite often also do, you leave me speechless and the thoughts your writings send spinning through my mind leave me breathless.
As always, well stated, my dear friend.

Thanks CGF, always enjoy reading your comment to my story. Thanks for the kind words.

And I love hearing that you love reading them, my dear and special friend.
You are welcome, always.

... and BTW... keep my head spinning with your mind inspiring thoughts...

This is so touching in its sincerity. Giving oral sex to a woman is not only one of my great pleasures it is also a way of feeling very close to her as well. It is an act that is both highly sexual but also tender and intimate.
Ladyryan, my beautiful friend you deserve to enjoy this often with someone very special.

**grin** LOL! Thanks Rocky for the your kind comment.

This is a "10" for sure! (the pleasure is surely from the giving and the taking, but sincereity trumps all) "whith it"

Aww. . . thanks Attic.^^

What a beautiful story and way of thinking and feeling.... Sex of any kind is enhanced soooo much when the couples heads and hearts are into it too.... Love like this ROCKS!! ♥ I'm so glad you have it too! ♥

aww Sweety, thanks for the nice words.