Just A Thought.....

First I would start by giving you a long and slow passionate kiss and slowly removing your clothes. Your body would be the object of my desire, I would gently suckle on your breasts and lick your nipples as I slide my hand down to your waiting love palace. My fingers slide in and out, causing your sweet love juices to start flowing and I bring my hand up so that I can lick my fingers and taste your sweet nectar. I slowly make my way down the road to happiness kissing the inside of your thighs as your legs are now resting on my shoulders. Finally my tongue is in heaven as I slowly lick your P***Y in slow circular motions , by this time your body is beginning to shake and your legs close tighter around my head. Instead of inserting my tongue in your sweet and moist tunnel I decide to play with your clitoris with the flat part of my tongue. I can see your **** begin to slowly rise with every lick and your body begins to spasm. As you arch you body it gives me more access to your ***** which by now is soaked in your sweet love juice. I turn over and lay on my back and now you are riding on my tongue, you begin to grind harder and harder as your **** continues to swell. Your body continues to spasm as you ask me to keep licking, I suckle on your lips and nibble on your **** finally sending your body into sheer ecstasy. I feel your warm sweet juices as you reach ******, your body still shaking from the big O and within a short moment you *** again and again, multiple times as you soak my shoulders with your SWEET love juice. MMMMMM............Now I am in heaven
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

That's one heck of a thought. :-D

Indeed Sweet Lady M......more than just a thought, it is my pleasure... : )