Oral For Women....

its true oral sex make women wild....i still remember i had given my neighbor oral sex . she had an ****** instantly. she is a very beautiful Bengali woman and a mother of a 11 yr old boy. i usually visit their house n helps her boy in his studies. n have sex if we get any chance.

It all started as we were in a hurry n didn't had a proper place to have full sex it was a cold winter evening n she was in kitchen . i went to her house to find no one except her mother in law and her son who was studying.she in kitchen cooking dinner. i went to the kitchen n caught her by her waist from behind .

She instantly reacted n warned me abut her son. I said he is busy studying and planted a kiss on her neck n slightly squeezed her breasts on top of her blouse.. n rubbed my hard penis on her heavy butts...she again warned me but instead of listening i placed my hand on her belly turned her to face me....

after giving her a light kiss on her lips i went to my knees n lifted her sari till her waist to find that she was wet... she had a shaved *****...i couldn't control my self n placed my tongue on her outer lips of vagina. She reacted by slightly opening her thighs... I got in mood stretched my tongue to reach her inner walls of vagina. she was oozing . the smell made me go wild .. I lick her vagina with my tongue stretched out.. her reaction to my ever lick was incredible ... She kept her lips tight to let escape any sound.

She kept caressing my hairs n was licking her vagina as there was no tomorrow n there it came which i was waiting for .. her ****** ... right on my face....which would had taken a longer time if we had sexual intercourse.

This made me sure that licking a women down there sure makes them horny n wild n more over it helps them to reach ****** more easily which most of the women are deprived of while having sex here in India... and that licking their vagina while the were made to stand is more powerful...she was unable stand just after her ******...she was smiling with a satisfied look in her face as she pulled a chair to sit..she was smiling mischievously and pointing to her son who was studying just in the next room..

This was a very good experience of my life...I simple love the sent of women's vagina n love the to lick their oozing liquid...it feels so manly to make a woman ooze n to lead them to ******.
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dude, pls. add some more real experiences like this.This is really really hot.I have read this several times still love to read it.But pls. also mention the story how you convinced this married lady to be physical with you who was your neighbour.I mean how you seduced her initially when you was not known to her.

love ths story

awesome experience dude.Keep posting these wonderful & eventful experiences.

thank you! sure.. there's a few more which I need to post here...