Not Quite

Actually, I prefer to receive it,
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16 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I'd eat and suck your **** till cows came home!

i love giving it the most.... nothing better than a fresh sweet *****!

It is a joy and a privilege, and mmmm it tastes gooood

I really enjoy giving but Arthritis and a bulging disk make things painful !

Oh, what a wonderful coincidence! I love GIVING oral sex! Perhaps we should meet sometime...
Actually, my loving partner ALSO loves giving oral pleasure, perhaps she and I can take turns with you?

At your service!

Oh my is it that we only get one choice here? I do so love to receive, but there is something so special to hear a woman's tender voice and know it is my tongue which is making her make those sounds and to feel her hips twitch and see her belly ripple.

I have been her. I am her. It is like making love to myself.

I need to give a woman oral sex...ASAP

I love giving it, so you could have all you want

from awoman or a guy?

will i would love laying you out with your tighs opn nice and wide so that i may eat and lick you

Thats ok also

At your service!

I'd be more than happy to oblige. And yes, I would shave first.

Mm I've seen your pictures and I'd love to practice on you mm please

The best then is a 69!

CLEVER !!! My missus and I tried the 69 . I am too tall and she is too short .