What Game?...

I remember one time when I was over by my girlfriend's house, we had just come back from being out all day visiting the museum and art institute and a walk in the park. We were relaxing , unwinding and resting our feet from so much walking. We took turns giving each other foot rubs as we enjoyed a nice glass of wine. There was a game that was about to start in a few minutes and my girlfriend was under the impression that I would want to watch "the game". I rubbed her feet first and after she was done with mine, she whispered into my ear "enjoy the game, I will be reading a book in my room waiting for you".

Needless to say, I could not concentrate from that moment on. All I kept thinking about were her big beautiful breasts and her angelic body. After the first few minutes of the game, I could not take it anymore so I turned off the t.v. and headed towards her room. As I am standing in front of her bedroom door I noticed that not only was she reading a book but apparently she was also thinking about sex. She was holding a book in her left hand and her right hand was roaming freely all over her body, she had undone her blouse and was caressing her silky smooth breast.

Not wasting anymore time I crawled on the bed towards her and whispered in her ear " my love, let me help you". I took the book from her hand and placed it on the nightstand, I removed her blouse completely to expose her beautiful breasts. I began kiss her neck and made my way down to her nipples which by this time were hard and erect, I sucked on them gently making them even harder. As I sucked on one of her breasts I used my hands to play with her other one alternating and giving equal pleasure to both. I made my way down her luscious body, making sure to kiss every inch stopping in the areas which provided her the most pleasure. I finally reached her moist P***Y, by this time she had started to release her sweet honey. I licked the the inside of her thighs and worked my way to her love tunnel, licking and teasing her lips and her C**T. I noticed that her C**T was beginning to extend slightly so I pressed my tongue against it and making waves with my tongue. Then slow circular motions as I extended my arms to reach up and play with her nipples, light pinching and sucking on her C**T appeared to do wonders for her as every time that I did this her body was contracting. It was as if her clitoris began to pulsate and she began to yell and scream " oh yes baby, I am almost there"... "keep sucking my ****".. "and take it all". It wasn't long before I received my long awaited prize, her sweet love juice began to flow slowly on my lips and within seconds squirts and squirts of her sweet honey filled my mouth. One ****** after another and after I held her in my arms tightly and just caressing and kissing her shoulders was enough to send her into ecstasy one last time. "Oh that was wonderful" she said out loud, she asked if I wanted to go back and watch the game to which I replied "what game"?....... I held her in my arms as we were drenched in her sweet honey and after a short while had one of the most memorable love making sessions................

appraiserjes appraiserjes
41-45, M
Jan 8, 2013