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Deb and I love oral sex.  Sometimes we really connected and other times we didn't.  Last month I tried having Deb guide me by holding my hand and squeezing it when she really liked what I was doing.  That has really made a difference.  She will lie back in the chair,  a Newport on one hand and my hand in her other hand.  We are really relaxed because we know that somehow my tongue will find the way.  Some days it's my dry tongue on her clitoris, other days it's a slow vibrating motion.  That also works well when she performs oral sex on me.

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

It is a big turn on when my man gives me instructions on what to do next and how things are going when I give him a BJ. I confess that most of the time I'm pretty silent, but sometimes I take the opportunity to study and learn what will bring the most pleasure. He gently guides me to where and what he likes by either telling me with words or moans or a guiding hand. <br />
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Having a signal system like squeezing of your hand seems to give your partner permission to let you know what he/she needs. I let my partner know with groans, moans and gentle hands. This works well for us. Sometimes he just asks me what I would like next, and I tell him! It sounds like you are a loving and thoughtful lover. Enjoy!