Kiss It

I have a secret.  I had an affair with a lesbian who was in a relationship with a powerful woman.  She used to come by and we would f@ck anytime she needed a hard ****.  Her female partner had no idea about me.  This went on for months.  During this time, my lesbian lover taught me how to eat a woman's pus$y.  I became quite good at it.  I was so good, that I now enjoy it immensely because I get good results.

Here is my secret.

While I have different techniques, when I want the woman to feel my passion for her pu$$y, I do the following;   I kiss her pu$$y like it is her lips.  I kiss it gently.   I make out with her ***** just as if I were making out with her lips.  I tongue her pu$$y just as if I were French kissing her.  I do this while also playing with her ****, tantilizing her.  I then add moments of licking her from her **** down to her vaginal opening and I kiss and lick her there.  And then, I simply kiss the lips of her ***** again like I am giving her a peck on her lips.  Then I kiss again, but longer, and I continue on this pattern, finally ending on her clitoris until she reaches ******.

Now you know my secret. :-)

DuxTheTux DuxTheTux
36-40, M
2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Thanks for the clarification. I am not down with the lingo I guess. :-) BTW, you didn't offend me at all.

Thanks for sharing it! :) I love "making out with" her box!