I Adore Licking Hot, Wet *****!

I discovered the delights of *********** early in my sexual career. I don't recall the first time, but when i discovered how much it turned me on I knew I had to learn how to do it really well. so I read everything I could lay my hands on about how women do it to other women, on the basis that no-one should know how to do it better.

I love going down on a woman for the first time, discovering what she likes and how she reacts. Some like to have their **** sucked, some don't; some like you to wriggle your tongue in as deep as you can get it; others prefer you to lick their outer lips or maybe just blow gently on their sensitive ***** and lightly flick their **** with the tip of your tongue.

My longest-ever partner loved being licked. She looked so prim and proper, I'm sure most people who knew her would have been astonished if they knew how she loved being licked to ******. She would buck and writhe, driving her sopping wet ***** against my face. We worked out a position where I'd lay behind her in a sort of reverse-69 position, with her gorgeous trim little *** cheeks against my throat - I'd lick her ***** from behind while rubbing her **** with my fingers - sometimes licking around her ***, too - as her ****** got nearer she would put her hand on mine, pressing my fingers harder against her **** - both her fingers and mine would end up slipping and sliding around in her wetness - and then she would have the most incredibly intense ******...

I had an older lover for a while, another one who gave the impression that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Once when she was lying back on her bed, blouse undone, breasts out of her bra, skirt up around her waist and panties around one ankle, she came and breathed "Ohh, you're good at that!" she paused, then added "But you know that, don't you?" Which kinda took the edge off the compliment.

I love nosing my way towards a woman's ***** and breathing in the aroma of her panties - the panties she's had on all day. That delicious aroma of sweat, maybe a little pee, mixed with the scent of arousal as she gets turned on by my approaching tongue. Sometimes that scent has been mingled with the scent of another man, which is mind-blowingly erotic! I love it when a woman's panties are really wet from her arousal; then I like to lick her through the damp material, slowly easing her panties aside to lick her with the damp fabric next to my cheek.

I love licking ***** so much I like it when another man has *** inside and his *** is leaking out, and sometimes I like to lick my lover when she's full of my own ***. When she ******* the flood of juice is just incredible!

And once, when i was working as House Photographer at a fetish club, I got to lick a hot older woman who warned me before I went down that she spurted. That had been a fantasy for years! I convinced her I'd love it and would she please do 69 on top of me. Well, that really turned her on, because even guys who loved her spurting rarely went for that. And, man, did she spurt! As I licked her ****, every few seconds a gush of liquid burst from her *****. It tasted sharp, slightly salty, slightly metallic, a bit like pee (and how would I know that?!) but mixed with the heady taste of ***. It washed over my face, ran down my neck, into my mouth. I would have loved to have her gushing all over me! I came hard in her mouth and she turned around to kiss me, long and deep. I went home with her wetness still on my body.

That'll do for now, folks!

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Hey, Ennuye, I see you're bored. Can I liven life up for you? Here in England it's 8.11am, not long past dawn and it's snowing. I'm waiting for the postman as my girlfriend has told me to expect a package; she won't say what it is but I suspect it may be extra-long stockings. I have a 33" inside leg and it is SO difficult to get stockings long enough, especially hold-ups which I love! I bought some a couple of weeks ago that claimed to be 'Extra Long' but barely stretched to over my knees. Not a good look.<br />
I'm cruising EP cos I couldn't sleep. I should be working, but I thought I'd just have a quick go. Fatal, huh?<br />
There's a flock of Long-tailed **** on my bird feeder. They are tiny little black-and-white birds with pale pink belly and back - very pretty but sadly EP won't appreciate that and will edit them out because it thinks t*t is a rude word. How sad is that - driven to extinction by the censor!<br />
Oh, and now there's a Black-cap. These birds usually fly somewhere warmer for the winter, but there are usually a few that stay. They got that wrong this winter! But then if they hadn't I'd never have so many on my bird-feeder; you never see them in summer.<br />
Well, I hope this brief snapshot of an early winter morning in England has provided you with a momentary distraction from the monotony of the graveyard shift. now get back to work, you skiver!<br />
(Note: 'skiver' - english slang for someone who should be working but who has far better things to do with their life.)

I think she's the one doing most of the enjoying! She asked me to write an erotic story on one of her groups, so I just have. And it is now just gone midnight in England and I'm going to bed. Good night.

Well. That was unexpected. Thank you, I am genuinely honoured. I hope I'm living proof that one can be a nice person and an out-and-out perv at the same time! Now, if you'll excuse me I've got some really hot email exchanges going with BonniBelle! :-)

Yeah, but surely the pretty girls who are interested in women are no more interested in a trannie than a gay guy who wants a MAN? Or are us trannies gonna turn lezzie girls straight? That'll be the day ... intersting thought, though! lol<br />
<br />
You're nice, but it's OK, I've read the thing that says 'Read this...' ;-)

Well in that case I shall take your personal view and run with it!<br />
<br />
I found when I used to go out dressed to gay bars and clubs that it was the dyed-in-the-wool lesbians who were mostly likely to give a (T)girl a hard time. I've been openly mocked and laughed at by lesbians. It doesn't impress anyone else and I found the best response was to laugh back.<br />
<br />
Lesbians don't like us for reasons I've never been able to fathom. A lot of gay men don't like us because, well, they fancy real men. In often seems to me that many sections of the LGBT community, having fought long and hard for acceptance, have become some of the most narrow-minded and bigotted people on the planet!<br />
<br />
But a lot of straight girls, when they actually get to meet a trannie, go mad for us. Which is fine by me!

No, it's just that a lot of English lesbians are a bit anti-trannie. I think they think we're trying to muscle in on their territory or something! I don't see how that works, but there it is.

Hey ennuye, thanks for your thoughts - very nice to get positive comment from a lesbian!

Great story, thanks for sharing with all of us *****-licking enthusiasts!