Everyday, All Day

I wish I could spend every day, all day licking *****. Honestly. I wish I could get paid for it, because I am good at it. More realistically, I wish there were *****-licking cruising spots where random people could meet and get ***********. I wish I could just lie around with a line up of women waiting to get licked by me. I wish women I knew, who knew I loved ***** eating and knew I am good at it, would drop that last little inhibition and pass me around like an expensive sex toy. I wish I could be in a relationship with two or more lesbians/bi-girls and eat them out whenever I wanted, and then top them whenever they wanted. It saddens me that we have constructed a world where these are not realities. As much as I am a feminist for so many reasons, part of me also is feminist because I want to imagine a society where women don't have to be so afraid of men--and would be much more eager for me to eat them out.

DykeTyke DykeTyke
31-35, M
Feb 16, 2010