Prim And Proper Oral Sex

Aah, oral sex, ***********. One of my favourite sexual positions and if you're enthusiastic about giving a woman oral, I think it makes the experience better for her.

One of my most memorable lovers was very prim and proper. She was well behaved at her office, dressed conservatively and to outward appearances, she looked completely innocent and clueless to anything kinky. In reality, her favourite thing was receiving oral sex, even if we didn't have time for intercourse (due to her having to go home to another town). I would spend anything from an hour to a couple of hours just licking her, covering her thighs and *** in licks and kisses and tongue ******* her and sucking her **** to wonderful *******. I loved the way she would be vocal and grip my head almost vice like as she came against my face. I worked in a different part of a large company we were both employed by and on one occasion, I approached her desk to bring her a cup of tea. As I bent down to put it on her desk she whispered in my ear "Shame we don't have the office to ourselves. I could have you under this desk all day". The difficulty in trying to walk away from her desk trying desperately to ensure I didn't have a hard on poking out my trousers was monumental but I managed to while she sat typing away at her desk, looking for all the world as though she'd merely thanked me for bringing her a drink.

I made it up to her by spending most of the following evening with my face between her thighs and although we split up years ago, I still remember her fondly and she remembers me with affection too. There really isn't anything better than a woman who loves receiving oral and a guy who loves giving oral getting together and spending some amazing times together. Equally, I guess that may stand for two girls who like each other!

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Thanks girlsix6 - yeah, I find it funny some women wouldn't want a tongue all to themselves, taking them to an ****** or more. From a guy's point of view, it's such an enjoyable thing to do. Especially to a woman a little my senior, that just turns me on even more for some reason

At the office? Wow! I would never be able to do that, don't have the guts. I love giving oral sex but we have four children at home and my wife has to retain to moaning (at least just a little) because for children, parents doesn't have sex (even if they are ranging from 18 to 23).

wow !very nice .i love receiving i never met a guy who likes giving as much as you do.i dont get woman who dont like receiving.

Thanks Indrasensuela. And it's true! For me, the ideal relationship would be with a woman who really really enjoyed receiving oral more than anything else and wanted me to indulge her that way fairly regularly. All other sexual relations could fall into place around that! ;-)