I Serve Her

My wife will not even discuss oral sex. She believes in  conventional  penetration  but with limits. I lived with her limits for a long time  then found an experienced  willing young woman who taught me how to give her oral sex that pleased her.. She lies down  and my head is in her crotch. She does not shave so I part her bush with my hands and feel her ****.  My tongue goes there.  She puts her hands on my head and steers me back and forth as my tongue waggles . She moams when I am right on the spot. She prefers a side to side movement. I am comfortable lying there and can keep this up as long as she likes. I take her to different levels this way  I follow the moans and hip movement. Meanwhile my hands are on her breasts. My gf is very happy

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3 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Fortunately, it didn't take my wife much educating and persuading. Now she practically pushes my head down to her *****. I lick her **** and labia until she's almost ready to come and then I make her *** with my ****. I would actually rather make her *** orally first and then pash and go inside her to give her a second ****** that way but unfortunately, she only likes to *** once. Oh well, at least I get to lick her furry bush for a good while - that's such a slice of heaven. 2 of the greatest joys in life: 1) making a woman ***; 2) **********!!

Wow you are lucky to find such such a girlfriend

Sexy !