But Learning To Be Asked First And Only Then Giving The Advice

I like helping people if I can. I can do something for a complete stranger on the street if I have means to help him. Thats the way I'm wired.
So if I see a person doing something wrong or maybe not wrong, but too time consuming and I know a way to do it times faster/better/easier, I have this urge to blurt out the advice. Usually it irritates people, or I'm just being used (several times my ideas were stolen and other people got credit for them).
So now I'm learning to control this urge for my own sake...
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

I had to learn the same thing.<br />
In the end, apart form waiting to be asked for help or advice,<br />
I also accepted the principle of offering help <br />
if a job was too big for one struggling alone, or <br />
if it was an issue for a dependant such as a child, elder, disabled or animals, anyone whose mental function made autonomy impossible.