An Interesting Dilemma..

My friend is currently going through an interesting problem. Well...

I don't know if you'd call it a problem.

Late last night, he was staying up late when a random number texted him. It was a stranger. Over the course of the conversation, light shed on the situation.

The stranger had turned out to be a girl. She was a Sophomore at her school. She also came from London to live here from a couple years back.

Now, the reason this would turn out to be a problem was that my friend took an immediate liking to this girl, mostly because they were of a similar age group, and she was extremely kind. She also appeared modest, and fun to talk to.

The two had a number of things in common: they were both homeschooled, they both had divorced parents that don't really speak to the kids anymore (one's dead, the other's somewhere else) and they were of exact same height, which is rare at their ages. He and she are both 5'10.

Now, what bothers me is that they kicked off so easily, but one would be a fool not to be at least SLIGHTLY suspicious.

Now, what keeps him from not talking to the girl is a couple of facts.

One. Similar age group
Two. Same height
Three. Modesty (on the girl's part)

Okay, personally, I am going to admit this. We searched for the girl around on the internet, looking for a photo, to get an idea of what she looks like. Eventually, we found a photo. I quote my classmate when he saw it:
"She's a Fox!"

Needless to say, I would agree on him. The girl was very attractive. I know more than that matters, but it's quite the helping factor.


Alright, my friend...isn't that lucky when it comes to love. His attempts at my friends sister were quite scarce. And his affections were much too obvious to her, as we soon discovered. He soon gave up after that revelation, somewhat heartbroken.

So, this happened a couple of weeks afterward, and it's the perfect way to forget about his past wreck. So, you could say he's desperate. Somewhat.

So yeah. Help. A little advice. And quick.
The girl is going back to London next year!


P.S: I am slightly jealous, but I am one of those nice guys would rather help people up than be helped up. I'd sacrifice my life for someone in a heartbeat, no joke or exaggeration meant. So, hope he makes it through this with an Long-Distance Relationship to boot!
GrayTimaeusStriderBlaze GrayTimaeusStriderBlaze
13-15, M
Dec 3, 2012