Rules To Date By. # 9

Assume that communication will break down from time to time. If she says there’s nothing wrong, it means that you should instinctively have known what was wrong and she will be angry at you for having to ask. Especially if what’s wrong is something you’ve done. Or something you were supposed to do and didn’t.

Whether or not it is actually your fault is irrelevant and I would suggest you do whatever you can to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Else face the tornado!

The hardest part at that point is keeping your temper. We've all felt hard done by & unfairly blamed for things that have happened. If you can keep in the front of your mind that they're feeling the same way, you have a good chance of re-establishing calm in the conversation.

Try to remember that they want it to work out just as you do.
dinnerb4dessert dinnerb4dessert
36-40, M
Dec 6, 2012