His Ego Is Too Big!!

Dec 16, 2012, what was suppose to be a celebration of another birthday for a miracle child turns into the end of my marriage.
As my husband always does he began talking down to my 17 yr old niece making her feel stupid. She walked away and he followed her and contiuned to hound her. My mother stepped in and yelled at him (this has happened 3 times in 10 years), next thing I know 2 days later he is throwing out demands. Things he needs that I am to do within 2 weeks or he's leaving! And the light bulb clicked on super britel!!!
For 10 years I have let him degrade me, talk down to me and treat me like I'm stupid ( I am educated and intelligent) and at that very moment I knew that I was through living like that. He wants me to be his mother, a shy southern bell who is more like a servant in her home than a wife.
Over the next 3 weeks he acted like everything was fine but still with the intention of leaving if I didnt do what he wanted and that was not going to happen anymore.
Now he has decided that he wants to ruin my life and take everything because I ask for $500 a month spousal support to get back on my feet ( I have been a stay at home mom for the last 7 years). He has become spitefull,vendictive and hateful.He still keeps trying to bully me into signing a property settlement agreement. Even thought I have a lawyer and have provided him proof he still tells me i'm wrong and I'm going to lose everything.I am just trying to figure out how to maintain my cool when every chance he get he tries to pick a fight and tell me how nasty he's going to get. And always be civil and work together for our 2 children.
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Sounds as if he's resorting to scare tactics & intimidation to influence you to "settle" with less than you deserve. He's smart; he's exploiting your fears ("You will walk away broke!) and combining that with bullying. If successful, he'll convince you to second-guess your position and settle with whatever crumbs he tosses your way. Women often accept significantly less than they can be awarded because men play on their fears and convince them that they'll walk away impoverished (unless they do exactly as they're told by their husbands). In addition, women sometimes weaken under the stress these men create and eventually become willing to sign anything, just to get the insanity to stop. Hang tough!

Thank you,my biggest frustration right now is how much he really thinks he's right! It

Sounds like your narcissistic husband is throwing a tantrum because he didn't get what he wanted from you (again). Of course he's going to try to convince you that you're the one who is unreasonable. He has made it clear that your interest is of no concern to him. I applaud you for not conforming to his list of 'demands' and 'ultimatums'...Sounds like you need to cut off communications with him and let your attorney do his/her job. Another strong woman joins the ranks! You go girl!!!