Oh, Yeahhhhhhhh!

I have told several stories about giving and receiving, but there is one particular time that I felt funny about revealing because my partner was such a private person, but she has since said okay to brag about it if I don't give too many personal details.

"Jane" and I were co-workers, and one afternoon we decided to get some lunch together after getting off work. We went and got a sandwich and a soda, and afterward on the way to dropping her off at her house we smoked a joint together. When we got to her house, neither of her roommates were home, so she put some music on the stereo and we relaxed and talked. Since we were buzzed both of us felt like getting comfy with each other and in no time at all we were kissing and groping each other on the couch. We moved into the bedroom and undressed each other and resumed our play. She told me I couldn't **** her as she was involved with another guy, so I asked about giving each other head. She thought about it a minute and said okay, and we got into a 69. When she lowered her ***** to my face I thought she had the sweetest smelling and the most beautiful *****, and I proceeded to lick and tease her like I never had before or since. She really got into it and within 20 minutes she was swallowing a load from me. After that I just gave my all to making sure she enjoyed it, too, and made sure she came a number of times. We never did it again, but to this day we remain special friends.
chillsdavis chillsdavis
56-60, M
May 15, 2012