Giving My First Bj

I was 13 and living on my Uncle's farm with my mother...My Uncle was my best friend and used to tease me all the time about boys, growing up, my clothes, my lack of breasts, and my tight jeans.  He ccaught me one day checking out his horse's hard **** in the barn. He laughed at my embarassment at getting caught, teased me a bit and tole me naughty girls deserve a spanking.  I dared him....telling him he wasn't strong enough..(he was )  He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the loft...he sat down on a bale of hay and had my over his lap in seconds.  We were both laughing hysterically...and playfully he started to spank me.  I was laughing and squirming ...feeling a lil bit embarassed and a lil bit something else.  I was ultra curious about sex having been fingering and touching since I was 11 ...listening to my mother and her many boyfriends thru the thin wall in our trailer.  (my mother and I lived in a trailer on his farm) .  My uncle continued to spank me ...but then said my jeans were too heavy and were blocking the effect.  We both sort of froze...knowing...or sensing what was coming...I felt he was waiting for me to say no....but I stayed silent...leaving it to him to cross the line.  (The first time I heard my mother get spanked I was terrified...until I heard her beg for more and harder)  I lay still as he pulled my jeans down...he commented on my white cotton bikinis...which were now getting damp.  I felt his hardon against my tummy ...not really sure what it was...but had a pretty good idea.  His spankings were more focused now....he commented on how red and tight my bottom was....but began caressing as much as spanking...soon my panties were at my knees...again he waited for me to stop him...I didn't.  He started to rub my thighs and sore botton...soon he was touching me...and I was squirming all over the place...When he started to rub my clitty I moaned in ******.  It was unbelievably good.  It was the first ****** I had ever had with someone else.  He asked me if I had ever seen a real ****...besides the horse...and I just shook my head "No"...I was to anxious to speak.  He took my hand and rubbed it over the bulge in his pants....told me to take it if in a trance I obeyed.  I was feeling soooooooooo sexy.  As i opened his pants his hands were on my shoulders pushing me down quite firmly to my knees.  It felt so good in my, hard and soft at the same time, smooth and veiny...I looked up at him as I played with it...him telling me how to caress and stroke it...encouraging me to keep rubbing it.  When he told me to kiss it...(had talked with girls at school about it but had no idea) I obeyed...when his **** touched my tongue slipped out and I began to lick and kiss my first ****.  He kept telling ,e how good it felt and I kept doing more.  It was the most incredible feeling of sexuness(up to that time for me) I took the head in my mouth and soon he exploded.  Typical warning...I almost drowned.  He held my head for the first two sourts...I pulled away...gasping and choking....stunned and scared...i swallowed some...had no choice...(swallow everydrop now) His *** shot all over my face, neck and shirt.  I was a mess....but felt so sexy and knew I was going to do this a lot more...
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Love your hot stories. Plz add,. Thankx

Glad u enjoy till this day. I should have my wife getnlessons from u. Can u add me?

Awesome story hun. Please add me

Wow!! what a very well written story!! That made my **** go hard incredibly fast!!!

Hot thanks!
Do you combine sex and spankings nowadays?

oohh wooww you lucky babe.. awesome feelngs with a **** no doubt

Very innocent and sexy at the same time, you at lest had someone who cared teach you .
I loved the way you told it. nice job great prose

Excellent story. I got a hardon reading about your experience.

I have read several of your stories and found you to be a very gifted writer.<br />
The way you write gives a man (from a man's point of view) no choice but to cream his pants with your style of writing.<br />
I hope to read more from you and hope you add me so I can see clearly who is writing these wonderful stories. Again...Thank you for sharing them.

Fantastic story, very arousing,and splendidly written.


Wow that was one hot story I am a older man and think you are so hot and sexy. please add me as a<br />

do u like kissing after a long oral or after a guy come in ur mouth and he has drunk ur juices <br />
do u like fuckig in front of others

awesome, TY

I love women who love sex in all it's many forms. Thanks for a great read.

wow what a great story !

Wow, very hot story!

Wow, very hot story!

Wow, very hot story!

Wow, very hot story!

Wow, very hot story!

Wow, what a great experience. It must have been nice to have someone train you to be a good ****. Did you like using your skills on young guys too? Guess I'll have to read more of your experiences. <br />
<br />
I would be honored to be added to your circle.

Wonderful read. I've only dated 1 girl that loved giving head. I would love to read more about you giving head.

I was ************ the whole time.....

What do you love the most about giving head

Is thier any chance I could see how much you like to give head and if you do swollow it all????

I felt it a bit odd doing it with a much older man......but you portrayed it well

Thanks for sharing

great story still with a hard on

Wow wish my niece was like you !

So how many older men did you do as a pre 18 yo? How old is your boyfriend now?

Oh please tell us some more of your Uncle stories. I'm gonna start ************ again now.

That's a great experience. It sort of saddens me to know there are a lot of people who experienced the same things as I and it led them down a path of sexual deviance but I because I'm a paraphiliac, I can help but enjoy these stories.

great !!<br />
realy good story


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Supplemental chapters would be welcome.<br />
<br />
Pleasing men is a wonderful pastime.

yes it uncle taught me a lot about my body and pleasing men

wow - just wow... thanks for sharing , good story and attention to detail in your descriptions...

I would love to read more of your stories - looking forward to it - gotta go to work for now ... but , I'll be back for more- you sound soo hot and intreguing