The Ultimate Way To Keep A Man

I used to hate giving head when I was younger but that was only because of my inexperience. Like anything else in life it takes practice and patience. After servicing, swallowing and sucking so many guys I absolutely love it and enjoy it. Guys understand that if a girl sucks at giving head (no pun intended) it is because she doesn't like it, and if she doesn't like it, its because she is uncomfortable with it and inexperienced. I love getting on my knees, sometimes sucking more than one c.o.c.k. in a day and the best experience of all...swallowing everything he has to offer. I hate when women say they hate that part of swallowing...if you do you are not a true c.o.c.k.sucker! I get it that sometimes a guy has a weird taste because he didn't drink enough water that day or had too much alcohol but that doesn't stop me from drinking everything that comes out of that d.i.c.k.hole (and I do mean everything). I have been sucking and swallowing at least 4 loads a day consistently for the last year or so (yes I do mean everyday! 7 days a week!) I enjoy it and because I am confident with it I can have fun while I do it and it clearly shows (every guy I have sucked within the last 2 or 3 years are able to *** multiple times within 30 minutes of me giving them head).

P.S. there are no real techniques to doing it since every guy is different and every penis is shaped differently. Ladies you do not need to be able to deepthroat to get a guy off (even if some of them love it). I know I can't (doesn't stop me from trying it and gagging...something a lot of guys like). But if you have fun it will show and will make your sucking skills 1000x better. So get on your knees, open your mouth, suck, suck, suck and receive your prize. It is ALWAYS worth it. Oh yeah and when your done, lick and suck on his balls and watch him drift off into a deep sleep. Trust me you will keep your man faithful and by your side for life.
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and what were we always taught? Practice, makes perfect!

Damn girl. Just thinking about that gave me a semi. Would love you to show me in person.

i want. a woman that sucks several guys a day thats sexy

What a smart woman! You know what has to be done and going at it with a positive attitude makes it fun and enjoyable for you and your recipient. That philosophy works for every aspect of life from working to marriage, parenting and sex. be the best you can be and make the best if what is offered and it is better for you and those around you

you sound like a fun girl

I have been waiting for a girl who LOVES to give head as much as I love to receive it. It's odd; it's not that I just want a nice *******, I want a girl to legitimately enjoy it. It's something about knowing she wants to get on her knees and swallow me that makes me want to do everything to return the favor to her. I want to spoil a girl beyond her wildest dreams, but I want her to spoil me back ;)

I think you may be right. We do love it and love knowing our woman is going to do it to us frequently.


I agree it feels so much more satisfying when the girl enjoys it and swallows it down, and getting a sticky french kiss after she does is a nice bonus