Trouble Back At Home But Not In Paradise.

This summer I went to Mexico to visit family. I had not been there in about 10 years so everything was brand new to me. I loved it. I was 17 at the time. And before I start out I'll say I was an angel. I was never involved with anyone or had ever been in a relationship. I was new to everything. Well seeing my family was a blast but one of the reasons why I went was because a good friend of mine (well he was at the moment) convinced me to go because his sister was getting married. So he was staying in the same area as I was. I didn't go alone, I went with my cousin who wasn't an angel. During the day we were with family and when it came to night time, we would tell our aunts we would be staying at another aunt/uncles house in the neighboring ranch/town. We would go out with my friend and his cousin. We would drink, smoke, dance, walk, and adventure out. That was amazing, I never felt so free. One night after a lot of drinking and partying my friend and his cousin snuck us into their house where they were staying at, it was his grandmas house. We were in their room drinking, and I was getting tired, so his cousin told me to sleep in my friends bed. At first ( lets just give my friend a name so I don't get confused, his name will be "jay") jay and I were just talking and covering ourselves with blankets. Then were looking at some really funny pictures on his phone, that's when he pulled me closer. I liked him, he was a sweet and funny guy. One thing led to another and we started making out. I quickly paused and reminded him that he had a gf and i didnt want to be the reason why they broke up because karma is a *****. But he said they were going to be over soon.His hands moved fast, next thing I knew he managed to unsnap my bra and transfer his hands everywhere. I wasn't complaining because I did the same thing. But this was me, an innocent child who knew nothing about sex and all of a sudden this seemed like second nature, except there was one problem, I happened to be on my period. ****. It was totally a major turn off. So I went down and blew his head off. He couldn't believe that I was a virgen and had never given head. He had been with girls but he was never pleased like the way I pleased him. I pulled it out gentley and put my hand against the window to make it cold, ( in Mexico, nights are usually chilly) my fingertips were cold and I stroked his penis and massaged his balls, up and down. I kept teasing him, and licked him up and down. I tickled him, then I was down on him. He wasn't huge or small, he was average. So it was great for my first time. I made him beg. The rest of the trip consisted of secret encounters because I didn't want people to know. I didn't have sex with him, I didn't like him any more, he wasn't that great of a person but I did have fun with him. Let's just say that now a days we don't talk as much but whenever I have alcohol in my system and he's around I will call him up and make him do anything for it. ;)
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you are good