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last year I received my RN degree for nursing, and after passing my state boards, I took a job as a nurse in a middle school..I've got to admit, seeing all these young, strapping 14-15 year old boys really began turning me on..I developed a still on going relationship with five boys in particular, boys who I know I can cut to the chase, I will hook up with these boys, not ever together, always individually...I'm certain that each boy knows nothing about the, usually in my condo, I will have one of these boys take his clothes off and lay on my bed..then I will slowly ***** down to my thong or panties, getting him nice and hard...then I will climb on the bed with him, make out with him for a bit, then I will go down and start sucking his ****...I love giving head to young boys of that age, it's a total thrill for me! I'm happy to know that I was the first girl to give all five of these boys their first ******** (:
meganbabygrl meganbabygrl 26-30, F 10 Responses Jun 24, 2013

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Wow I bet they don't last long

not a nurse, but a teacher was my experience. thanks for bringing back the memory..add me, I like the way you think...

very lucky kid, wish i had a nurse like you when i was in school

Hi Megan. I needed someone like you when I was in HS. I would be a different person today. Awesome story. Congrats on pass your boards and being an RN.

wish I knew you

My girl friend did that while in a cabin and she caught four local boys spying on her. I was watching in via Skype while sucked each dry. Then made them promise to stay out of trouble.

So sexy! Any pictures to share of these young studs ? Add me :-) please?

sry no pics lol

WOW lucky boys

Sexxy little girl - would like to be number 6 .....:) Our secret ... Hope you will add me as I would like to see much more of you and ....

How old are you? Add me! So hot.