Wife's New Master.

My wife recently started ******* a good friend of ours. We have known him for a long time but they had never had sex till recently. As it turns out the had the best sex she has ever had. He so thoroughly satisfied her in every way way and in every hole that she admits she is infatuated with him. He ****** her mouth, ****, and ***, blowing *** in all three. He made her *** with his ****, mouth, and finger. She sucked his ****, licked, his balls, and tongued his ***. She has never licked my ***, but she said she could spend hours with her face buried in his *** with his balls rubbing on her face and forehead.

She informed me that when he is around she will ignore me and pay complete attention to him. Kissing him, touching him being his sex slave. I will not be allowed to touch her unless I receive permission from him after he is done using her. She has had lovers before, but never like this. It is a huge turn on watching her humiliate me like this.
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2 Responses Apr 7, 2010

Do you come when you watch? Does she tell you when she goes with another one?

******* hot story and replies!