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Oh Daddy What A Big **** You Have

When I was 11 years old my daddy was still bathing with me. We would sit in the tub and talk. Play little games. Soap each other up and laugh. I loved to soap up his **** and watch it get hard and big. It would always shoot what I thought was soap up into the air after I had played with it for a while. I never dreamed this **** would ever go inside a woman's *****. Mine was way to small for that monster. One night as I was playing with it all covered in suds he said he wanted to play a new game. He poured a glass of water over his **** rinsing off the suds and told me to pour some more over it. I rinsed it off with nice warm water as it jerked and bobbed in my hand. He told me he wanted me to put it in my mouth for him. I had seen Mommy do it when she was still with us but I never really thought about doing myself. I didn't want to and I thought it was to big to go in my mouth. He said that was okay, if I didn't want to be Daddy's special girl it was alright. I did want to be his special girl and I said so. So I got on my hands and knee between my Daddy's legs and put my mouth on his **** head. He told me what to do. Just kiss it a little. Go ahead lick it like a popsicle. That's it lick up Daddy's shaft and over his **** head. mmmmmmm That feels good baby. Yes lick harder. Oh yes suck on it. I know it's big but take a little into your mouth.
I followed Daddy's instructions until I was sucking his **** head into my mouth and licking up and down his shaft. Sucking his hairy balls into my mouth and stroking his ****. I wanted to be his girl. Suddenly as I was sucking on his **** head he grabbed my head and pushed more of his **** in my mouth. Then a hot liquid spurted into my mouth and down my throat. I was choking and gagging but he didn't let go and my mouth kept filling with his ***. I had to swallow. I swallowed gulp after gulp, it seemed like it would never end. Then finally it did and he let go of my head. I pulled my mouth off his **** and watch a string of *** hang between my lips and his **** head. He sat there looking at me not saying a word, waiting for my reaction. I reached up and caught that string of goo on my finger looking at it, then at my daddy. I knew it wasn't soap then. It had tasted kind of good after I had swallowed a half dozen squirts. I was looking at my Daddy as I put the goo covered finger into my mouth and sucked it off. A big smile lit up my Daddy's face and I knew I had done the right thing. I noticed a little more leaking from his **** head and took it in my mouth sucking it some more to get all of his ***.
My Daddy told me I would always be his special little girl and from now on I could do that for him every night when he tucked me in or it was bath time. I learned how to suck his **** like a little pro. After a while I learned how to relax my throat so I could suck his whole **** into my mouth and down my throat. All 8.5 inches of it until my nose was buried in his pubic hairs. I was my Daddy's personal little **** sucker until he met my step mom. I still sucked his **** every night but she was sucking it back to life later in their bed. I must have swallowed a thousand loads of my Daddy's ***. Since that time I have always love to suck on an older mans ****, taking back to my preteen days when I was Daddy's special girl
tonguemyass tonguemyass 18-21, F 82 Responses Jul 25, 2011

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When you got older did you let daddy put it in your special place?

I certainly did

Did you like it when he filled it up with ***?

I loved every squirt inside me

What a good little girl!

that's what daddy said

I know this daddy would love to fill up your special place with his ***.

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Wow you remind me of my baby girl


amazing! Do you wish you could go back in time to do it again;)?

I still give daddy a bj every now and then

Mmmmm sound nice

yes indeed

And do you still enjoy being made to do things? Does step mom let you help?

yes she does ..... we are a very close family

Your hubby was lucky to get a trained wife to suck his ****. We older man like young growing girls and appreciate.

hi Grandpa

Us older men thank you for liking to suck us. We needed it more than the younger guys.

you know I love sucking your ****

I have some loads you can swallow!

mmmmm yummy

Read it again today same effect. Thanks

lol good ...I like that

Love this story always gets me hard and wet. Read it several times now.

You are a very special girl. Come and sit on your uncle's lap.

wouldn\'t be the first time

Great story! There's "a little more leaking from his [my] **** head" right now. Thirsty?

always thirsty

i want you to keep drinking me in until i\'m dry and still having an ******.

You can be my special little girl!!!

I like being a special little girl

Daddy would love to have you as his special lil girl

Your story gave me a ***** for sure!

Boners are good

Made me horny!! LOL


Your dad was a lucky man. Do still hope out

my daddy and I are still very close

Sex with you must be over the moon, so that make you a very special person to know. Thanks for sharing see you around

yes it is

daddys ***** is throbbing babygirl , *** and take care of it 4 daddy

you know I will Daddy

I'm an older man who's really enjoying the idea of you 'sucking on an older man's ****." Frend request sent...hope you recipricate?


good girl. please friend me if you like old ****

I do like old **** Grandpa...

sucking **** is a dream *** true isn't

I love sucking a hard ****

mine\'s hard for you. now (and always).

You are terrific...!

thank you

Oh how I would love you to be my daughter.

I am such a good little girl

Oh my. That's got me all worked up. You wanna be my daughter?


I would love to be your daddy. Can you add me to your friend list? Lets have some daddy daughter fun.

Can I be your daddy now? I have a special treat for you.

Oh Daddy I love special treats

Very nice and I would love to teach you a lot more... i don't think you would be able to handle me but its ok I can teach you... you can have a look at my tool in my pictures after you have added me as a friend

I have been able to handle every thing so far...some presented a challenge but I came through

Kiss it baby. Touch it. Tell your Daddy "its too big!" and sit in Daddy's lap.

Oh Daddy you are so big...are you sure it will fit...I have such a tight little *****

Nice! Love to have you suck mine. Love to give you a rim job. add me

My lips and my *** are ready for you

Nice memory. I did the same with my girls when they were young.

another naughty Daddy

How about an older bro that wants to put it in ur butt? ;)