I Love Going Down On A Woman

love it, I love it , I love it! Ever since I first did it I have always enjoyed pleasing a woman with my mouth and tongue, the great thing about it is it's dirty, leads to sex and just tastes great. Over the years I've perfected by practice and being guided and I've found that each woman likes it a different way until now.

Last night I received a message from my friend and when this "friend" messages me I know what she wants and each and every time I say yes, I've never said no nor will I ever unless the universe ends. She loves it when I go down on her and make her ***/****** with my mouth, I've got it so perfected now that she doesn't even need to suggest or guide me through anymore and I've gained so much confidence in it now that that each time she visits I try and go one step better to make her happy and that's what I love to do.

My only requirements is that she looks sexy and always wears sexy underwear, she never disappoints. Now she's 22 slim has a tight body, she's always in and out of relationships so it's hard to keep up anymore. But I get regularity called at least once a week.

Now I made it my mission last night to make sure it was the best session. I set the mood in the bedroom with candles, dimmed the lights and a drink to help relax, that's the key is you need make a woman relax before hand.

So she rocks up and we have a chat and a laugh a few drinks before we get into things. I kiss her and tell her to lay down fully clothed I keep kissing her and put my hands all over her body, I kiss her deep and hard and slowly kiss down her body. I I kiss her thighs and move her skirt up to reveal some very skimpy playboy underwear, I look up and she's staring at me just waiting for me to pull them to the side and start massaging her **** with my mouth. I breath heavily on it and she starts to moan and breath deep and long. I then remove them and I get the best view and position to do the best job possible for her.

My rule is you do not use your hands at all, just your lips and tongue stimulating outside of her *****, there's a bit of skin and sort of triangular shape. I lick, suck and rub around that area, in no time I have her swearing and moving her body with the motion of my tongue I have my hands under her legs holding onto her hips, I quicken the pace and she grabs my head and pushes me hard into her ( its the girls version of facefucking a guy ) when she starts pulling my hair and her ***** is wet I know she's ready for my fingers.

As I'm using my tongue I insert one finger inside her and she arches her back and let's out a groan as I do it. That's when I start flicking her **** with my tongue from side to side really fast not hard just fast. She's now moving her hips in sync with my speed and I push my finger in and out rubbing the top of her ***** where there is a rough patch of skin just inside her. She's now soaking wet and moving and I always struggle to adjust to her body movements, she's telling me now to not stop and keep going , her breath shortens and she plays with her nipples under her bra,

I'm literally get my face ****** hard, I now put 2 fingers inside of her and she starts groaning really loud and telling me to go faster and not stop, my tongue and mouth is straining but I wasn't going to stop at any cost and then all of a sudden she stops breathing arches her back and just explodes on my face in a fit of pleasure, my fingers are sucked in and I can't get them out, I cough and gag as she fills my mouth with *** and all over my face. Normally I would stop and and let her catch her breath but as I said at the start I wasn't making this just a normal visit, so as I'm trying to breath I keep my tongues pace flicking her **** and I push my fingers as deep as I can, she's still orgasming from the first when the second wave hits her she pulls a pillow over her mouth as she screams and tells me to stop she can't and then again she explodes and grips my fingers with her *****.

At this point my mouth has not left her **** there is her *** all over my face running down it as well as soaking her already drenched ****, there's that wet oping noise as my tongue tries to keep up the momentum. Now my mouth was really struggling I was aching and my mouth was numb but with every inch of my strength I went hard t it again as soon as her second roams was ending,I pushed it to the next level and have it everything, her back was arched and she was gripping my head and bucking her hips really giving my mouth and tongue a serious pounding she screams "****" and convulses and blacks out! For about 10 secs before she comes to still orgasming.

She now pushes my head away and grips her ***** and crosses her legs ash she's begs me to stop! As it ends she can't breath or move and collapses and tells me no more.

I roll on my back and look at the carnage I caused and all I see is her laying there legs apart dripping with *** with an painful looking smile with her eyes closed. She didn't move for an hour and when she got up to clean up she looked like I broke her.

We talked afterwards about it and she said she had 3 continuous ******* which shed never had before, that made me proud and satisfied being a man.

The next problem is I've got to go one better than this now :p
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Its taste like sugar, love making lady's burst, while they sit on my face or even them just relaxing, I sometime just mess it up so I can stay down there abit longer, I been down on a lady for a hour, and love it.