I love sucking my mans ****... story below
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Vaginal juice is better than drugs and alcohol !

A lady has to be into a guy a whole hell of a lot to enjoy giving head that much! But bravo my lady; this was so freaking hotttt!

Wow very descriptive, great story

I love sucking my man's ****. Before I even get to taste it, the mere thought gets me wet. A flame sparks inside and warmness builds between my legs. I try to carry on normally but the temperature keeps rising. I'm squirming in my seat, my glance returns to his **** no matter how many times I look away. By now he can feel my heat; he knows I want to suck his ****. As soon as I see his hardness forming in his pants I can't help but grab it. I start to rub him, grab him and feel how solid his big **** is now. Every time I tighten my grip on him I admire his girth, I can already imagine him stretching me out wherever he chooses to to put it. My heart rate speeds up, mouth is watering and I look up at him with an almost nervous expression, my eyes asking for his permission to put it in my mouth. With a tiny smirk, he unbuttons his pants and my excitement multiplies. My panties are already damp without any physical stimulation. He pulls his **** out of his boxers as I eagerly await my treat. As soon as I see his big black **** my lips part almost naturally. I take a second to look at it, scale it up and down with my eyes. I'm always in awe as though I'm seeing it for the first time all over again, over the years and hundred-plus times I've had it in my mouth I still want him more every time. I start to stroke it now. With my mouth still open, I lean down and the tip of my tongue meets the tip of his ****. I swirl my tongue around making the head wet. Gently, but with a firm grasp around his ****, I pull his foreskin back so I can suck the head. His moans energize me as I circle my tongue around his ****. I wrap my lips around him and start sucking gently, taking him a little deeper each time he enters my mouth. Two opposites collide: his soft, smooth skin and big, firm shaft, creating perfect harmony rubbing against my tongue and lips. He grabs my hair, pulls it back so he can watch me go to work. I love when he grabs my hair and pushes my head down where he wants me to go. This is all about pleasing him after all, the fact that it gets my ***** throbbing is just the cherry on top. I suck faster, harder and deeper, challenging myself to take him as deep in my throat as I can (I'm still hoping I can swallow it all one day). By now that flame has burned to a full blazing fire. My ***** is throbbing, dripping, and begging for him to **** me, but I also don't want him to take his **** out of my mouth. A little bit of *** meets my tongue and I don't want him to **** me anymore: I just want to taste him. That little bit of *** is a teasing reminder of my reward, and I want it. I start stroking his **** in my mouth, flicking my tongue around his sensitive tip. I look up at him again, this time my look is begging for him to let me have his ***. At this point my satisfaction is entirely based on his; the harder I can make him *** the happier I will be. My head bobs faster and faster as I hear his breathing intensify. "*** in my mouth baby", I beg. I feel his body quiver and hear his moans become frequent before his warm *** shoots into my throat. I suck until I've got every drop I worked.

As I swallow my treat, I'm already thinking about the next time.

Wow that was a hot story well written

Great story! We get just as much excitement about eating you up, too. And in addition, we also have all those wonderful smells wafting out of your body when stimulated. And to top it off, your body is so much tastier than ours, especially during your "special time".

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