I love giveing head and drinking the juices I also love getting it too
Joanne181 Joanne181
18-21, F
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Very sexy

Great. I love licking nether lips of a sexy woman. Hi.

Vaginal juice is better than drugs and alcohol !

have you ever received oral in public

nothing better than giving oral to a lady!!

Nothing better.

Me, too, to men or women!!!!! Actually prefer sucking women. God they smell and taste soooooooo delicious!

You sound like a hell of a good time

I love oral too. love to give and recieve

Mmmmmmm... It is so much fun to give oral and she is giving it at same time..

Me too. You're hot


I love give and receive as well

/In actually do love both, but prefer pleasuring my woman

Same, it's really nice

me to, except in reverse!

My wife doesn't enjoy giving oral, but I do. If I ask her if she wants me to go down on her, she usually says just use your fingers. Sometimes I don't ask and just start working my way down there. She always has a good orga$m. She only returns the favor for a few minutes and is done. I have never finished in her mouth.


love both with you girl

would you to get oral