There' Nothing Better

Than to have a nice and firm c*** in your mouth.. I like the feeling it gives me, control, and confidence, and the taste for more c**.  It gives me a lot of gradification of giving an oral.  I like the texture of the c** in my mouth, and I can tell what you had the day of the c*** s**king.   If you have been drinking, or you have been doing drugs I know!'t mind if I drink a lttle of your p***. It all good to me!  You all probably think I am a *****(man *****), yes I said it!guess I am, but that's ok to me!  I crave it,and I am always looking for more, and if you live close to me then I would want to service you, too!  I cannot get enough of it, and I like sex.  i told my parents, one time, that if I as born a girl I would be a dirty little *****, well I am no girl but I am a man *****.  Who has a poop/**** fetish, and a *** drinking fetish, also

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 21, 2010