There's Nothing Like It.

Women, a vast majority love being touched.

In different ways, different places, different positions, different moods.

They really are amazingly receptive creatures. Just the way a woman reacts is amazing. Squirming, moaning, breathing. Just wow. They're also very beautiful to admire when they're being, for lack of better term, intensively pleasured. You never really know what to expect for a reaction.

To be honest, there are times when I want to just pleasure a lover with no prerequisite for reciprocation and its an awesome experience.
anteye anteye
36-40, M
7 Responses Nov 27, 2006

Wow - DAMN!!! If you could teach others this -- you could make ALOT of money!! LOL

Is it getting hot in here...???

Outstanding- we need more men like you in this world!

ur awsome! LOL!!!

Wow again!