For My Queen

Your dance has driven me crazy with desire for you, the way you touched, tasted and teased me almost made me lose self control. It is your pleasure that drives me tonight, to bring you more and more pleasure until you beg for release, and scream in ecstasy.

I rise from my stool, my silk boxers barely holding in my throbbing member. My will power is getting weak, my desire to throw you on the bed and take you close to overpowering me. I instruct you to stand still as a I gaze upon you our eyes locked in passion, a glow from your body reflected in the candlelight and mirrors, like having four goddesses in one. My heart beating loudly in my chest I approach you, and pull your arms behind you, tying them in a silk thread that you can escape at any time. I want you to be mine not by actual restraint but by desire to please your King.

I stand inches from you, our mouths dry, our eyes on fire, our chests full of each other. You await what is next.

I lean the last inch as our lips meet gently, I can taste you on your lips, a flavor to drive a man wild, turn him into a fierce tiger.

Our lips part, our tongues dance as I pull your head close, devouring your mouth, I feel you sucking my tongue in like it is my sword below. Our breath as one, our minds melting, your hands straining to stay still. Your breasts crushed against me, the heat between us causing a sweat to build, a wonderful glisten in the candlelight.

With every ounce of self control left in me, I pull back. We are breathing hard, you look at me with such lust, all I want is to please my queen. But sometimes it is better to wait just a little longer.

I take the silk blindfold and place it back over your soft brown eyes. You stand there now waiting, breathing, your mind lost with desire, wearing nothing but black lace panties and heels awaiting your king.

You hear me walk away, you wonder what surprise awaits you next, does he have a black bag of surprises too.

You start to tremble, it has been so long you have been on edge, the touching, the ice, the kisses, the caresses driving you closer and closer but with no relief. You start to try and figure out how long it has been when you hear me return.

I tell you to open your lips and I place a finger in your mouth and ask you to suck. MMMMMMMMM what is that, salty, little slimy, yes can only be one thing, your kings preessence.

I ask you to stay still and am busy, you listen, wondering, breathing, straining against your bonds.

I come up to you and gently kiss your mouth your tongue comes out to meet mine but I have left your beautiful lips and work my way with fluttering kisses down your soft face, along your alluring neck kissing licking absorbing your taste. I stop to engorge myself on your voluptuous breasts, nibbling on your nipples, my rough hands groping and kneading them as your nipples become like pebbles in my mouth, your body moves forward to try and get more of my hot mouth, you strain not to pull your arms free and pull my stubbly face closer.

I feel your desire and work my way down, my hands touching everywhere, your soft alabaster skin under my touch. Until I reach you gorgeous panty clad ***. I pull you close to my face buried in your soaked lace panties, my hands grabbing your butt. My desire to pull them off and eat you like there will never be a meal such as this driving me crazy. Instead I slowly pull them off your body, down your slender legs, and you step out of them, leaving you only in those incredible heals.

I bring the panties up to my face and smell your incredible aroma, my breathing becomes even harder.

Stepping back I gaze upon you one more time. My heart is in my chest, your beauty overwhelming me, wondering how I was so lucky to find a queen as glorious as you.

I swallow hard and tell you to step forward two steps. I am now sitting on my throne, my obelisk as hard as granite, desiring you like I have never thought possible.

I then tell you I am sitting on the chair and I want you so sit on my lap. You think for a second, your nimble mind trying to determine how to do that through your fog of desire.

You slowly life your heel clad leg and feel it graze my leg, this gives you enough guidance to move forward. Your other leg moves up and over to and you feel my heated manhood against your moist box. The feeling of our sexes touching igniting sparks between us. You want me inside you so bad, but how with your hands behind you and no leverage to get higher.

I look at you struggling and have no choice but to help. I lift you with my strong arms and gently let you down as my **** slowly penetrates you opening you up. You moan in my ears oh king oh king.

You are filled with me and desire, but know that to do anything will incur the wrath of your king so you await instruction full of me, so close to ****** you want to scream.

I reach down for something and you hear some music start to play, beautiful resonating french love songs. I whisper in your ear to be still and enjoy the feeling. Then I instruct you to rise and fall on my sword every time you hear the music stop.

The music stops and you rise your lovely pink walls rubbing against my hard rod and then you sink down as the music starts again.

You breath hard the feelings overwhelming you. You want to ride me like a bucking stallion, but know that is not to be for now.

I reach for something else as the melodies fill your ears, you picture yourself on a rooftop in Paris the Eiffel tower so close you could touch it, your mind wanders then you realize the music has stopped again, you rise again and down.

I reach over and tell you to open your mouth, I place something in your mouth and tell you to bite, the juices from the strawberry fill your mouth like a symphony. You are savoring the flavors the sensations your senses filled. The music stops again. You moan as you rise and fall the feeling of me inside you driving you insane.

You finish with the strawberry as the music stops again, once again your body responds, your thighs clamped around me, your breasts rubbing against me.

I am in awe of you and how you are reacting, my desire building like a volcano ready to erupt.

I reach over and tell you to open your lips again and place my whipped cream covered finger in your mouth, the music stops, you rise and fall, your need to come building in you, overtaking you. I pull your mouth to mine and we share more whipped cream and our tongues dance, the music stops and you rise and fall on my manhood again.

I am straining not to come as much as you.

The music continues we kiss, tongues diving in and out, our need for more creating insane feelings in us. Your sweet breasts bouncing every time.

The music continues on and on, no pauses for minutes, I can feel you gripping my manhood, I can feel our heartbeats as one.

I pull your blindfold off and look into your eyes the intensity melting my soul with yours. The music stops and you rise and fall our eyes locked, you straining not to release your arms.

I whisper in your ear now, the music picks up in intensity and I say to you, now.

Your pull your arms from behind and wrap them around me.

Your body starts up and down in a frenzy as I hold on to you pulling you close.

I tell you to come for me, as the desire that has been building inside you is let go. Your legs tremble as you rise and fall, you lean back your hair down your back, your nipples in my mouth, as you let go, give in to your desire, the feeling starts inside you, gripping me tighter and tighter, your ****** hits like a wave driving you higher and harder overtaking your body, squeezing me and sending me over the edge as we scream in ecstasy. My manhood spreading the cream you desire over and over into you. You feel my **** convulsing in you continuing your ****** longer until you collapse in my lap, rung out and satiated.

We kiss long and hard, staring into each others eyes lost in the moment.
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May 20, 2012