For Good Reasons

Some misunderstandings related to sex seem to me extremely damaging.

Take the need of many men to ********* as if it were the culmination of sexual pleasure.  These unlucky fellows don't know how mistaken they are and what they miss.  Their own experience should have learnt that this so called ****** is no more than the starting point of a short but inevitable mental downfall.  One doesn't have to be a tantrist to know that regular *********** hardly can be seen as the ultimate goal of sexual practice.


A lover is successful if he manages to drive a woman to the pinnacles of pleasure.  There are many ways to achieve this, but all of them take time.  The one who has time at his side and knows how to use it well, never has to worry.  The ladies will love him...

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it is perhaps modesty of the mischievous variety, dearest meisje

not that many as I would have loved, dearest sweetmeisje...

I see your comment only now, dear WiB, thank you for writing it and sorry for not thanking you earlier...

@Imp as always you are smart and witty, dear friend<br />
@TOCC as it has always been, the woman is the teacher of men. Thx for passing by and commenting!

Very well said and beautifully put moreandless ... absolutely right and both parties win of course.

There is this line by the immortal poet of the Rolling Stones indeed, dearest Liz, saying TiiiiiiiIIIIiiiiIIIIiiime is on my side, yes it is

thank you so much, dear Angel x

Insightful & well put. So true! x

so it is, Hotprobe, thanks for passing by

Your correct, the longer you spend,working her up the better she will feel loved and will want it more often...............