I grew up in the grease days of motorcycle clubs, black leather jackets. greasy hairdos, flare skirts, meeting at the soda shop and going steady with our best beau. Those were the days and never have there been any better since. That was when life was great and you hoped things would never change but like anything else they did. Weekends were great. Meeting at the skating rink and flirting with all the guys was the best thing a girl could ask for. Everything was clean and a persons language was respectful but then there were those that forgot that rule and the clubs were those who broke the laws. Drinking was a nono back then but everyone would get together to have fun and we would go to the package store with a drivers lisence and buy beer illegally.Then we would find a spot to park that was secluded and make out and drink. Music, hot cars,races, were just like the movie GREASE. Music for me was Gladys Knight and the Pips. What a group. I could listen to her all night and boy her music was romantic. I will never to this day forget her song "YOUR THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPEN TO ME". It makes me remember my date many years later. Those days are gone but never forgotten.







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If you see the movie GREASE with John Travolta or the movie GREASE 2 with Michelle Phiffer you will understand why we miss those days. Thanks guys.

yeah, what is a pip? People in Place..ha.. I had a hair style like Leslie Gore. I did it exactly. Teased on top and flipped at the bottom.Loads of hairspray required. l carried spray in my purse!

I thought that it was "PIMPS"... what the hell is a PIP?

Talk to em now. Love it.

Gotta agree about the pips! The did have the moves! I think they were her cousins!

You and me Rescue! Those were fun days.We just wanted to dance! I love Gladys Knight.I'd rather be one of the Pips because they made all the cool back ground sounds..the ooo's and foot work. Ah to be back in the fun having big hair too.