Not For Another 7 Months! :(

Anyone who's ever been to the festival I'm sure will agree; it is the best place to be in the world!!
From the Jazz world to the dance world every field is a massive vibe of energy, everyones laughing and happy and most people are wasted from 9am wednesday when they arrive to 9am monday when they leave. My favourite place to be is the Stone circle, a hill with a small scale replica of stone henge in the centre (this is because back in the 60's or 70's whenever it first began, it was on the same weekend as the summer solstice when all the hippys would go to either stonehenge or Glastonbury, when the stones began getting damaged it was decided that people were no longer able to get up close to the stones so everyone began going to Glastonbury. Because of this Michael Eavis (the founder) built a small scale replica of the stongehenge in the stone circle field). The Stone circle hill overlooks the whole festival. People flock to the stone circle at dawn and dusk to watch the sun rise and set whilst drumming, dancing and spinning fire poi.
The festival has music for everyone, shops for all tastes and loads of different (and cheap for a festival) food stalls. Anyone who has never been, I recommend it!
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I agree, Glastonbury is ******* excellent. Been there 4 times and I will continue to go for the rest of my life.

Partying my way up to glasto today... last year was great ... been to leeds a few times... glasto buries it !!!!!

good choice, good choice

yea i went to download in.. 05(?) it was mental, the atmosphere was sh!t really, it felt more like a 3 day long brawl.. but then its metal lol<br />
<br />
music was awesome tho. <br />
best performances ive ever seen from a few bands.<br />
<br />
as long as u got a good bunch your goin with it will be awesome!<br />
<br />
unfortunately i can only afford one fest a year me thinks<br />
and glasto it is!

that was meant to say riots not rits! The 'O' key on my keyboard is pretty temperamental!

Well Tool are rumoured for this year, although I doubt that will come to fruition. Have you ever been to download? I'm going for the first time this year and am very excited!!! Although I've heard a lot about rits and random tent burning which scares me somewhat!!<br />
<br />
Tell me about it, I've been to glastonbury so often but there are so many areas I've yet to explore more, I spend most of my time in dance world or stone circle. <br />
<br />
I'm hoping to get a ticket for glade again this year, but last year of university and graduation clashes and debts are rather mountainous as well :(<br />
<br />
wish me luck!!!<br />
<br />
Are you guys both heading to glastonbury this year as well then? Any other festivals you're thinking of?

popped my cherry in 08! nothing like it, come on 09!<br />
truly awesome fest, i need to explore some more tho there is too much too see! <br />
<br />
altho there is no metal which is only mildly upsetting

I love the Glade area. Possible my fave spot. Never been to the glade festival though. Going to cropedy this year. Also a terrific vibe. The weather mans not always right. Keep the faith.

Trash city was unbelievable this year as well - really cool

Yeh I go every year. I'm from Glastonbury so it's pretty easy to get there and back, get tickets etc. It was a really good year. 2005 has been my best so far but this year was a close second. I think the weather really helped things. Sunshine all the way. Really makes a festival right?!<br />
I'm off to the Glade festival on Thursday, have you ever been there? I went in 2006, was great. It's the Glade area from Glastonbury in a festival. Fantastic.<br />
<br />
Weather man says rain though :(

Did you go this year? I have spoken to people who did and the feedback was very positive after a couple of years of mud.

I am from the Midlands. I went to rockness this year as I wanted to meet up with some relatives in Scotland. It is the first year I have missed except for 2004 when we couldn't get tickets. Rockness was also excellent.

where are you from?<br />
Did you go this year?

I would rather be at Glastonbury festival than any other place. The vibe cannot be descibed. We always used to let fireworks off in the stone field at midnight on the first night.