I Sat In Danzig's Lap

From the memory banks of a Danzig fan: Danzig is such a well-built hunk. I love his first several albums. When I heard he'd be doing a signing engagement to promote his new comic book, I drove through miles of sleet and rain to get there and wait on line in the cold. When I finally made it into the comic book store and warmed up, I saw Danzig at the back of the store scribbling his autograph repeatedly with his head down. Glenn is a dark, brooding guy who needs a cup of cocoa and a pair of bunny slippers. I asked him to sign the comic, then asked if I could get a picture with him. He looked up and I melted. I smiled and he smiled then pushed back his chair as if to invite me.

I scurried around the table and onto his lap, being tightly held around the waist by him as my friend fumbled with my camera. He chuckled at my squirming and held me tighter still. With the pictures snapped, I thanked and hugged him and then stood back up. He helped me put my motorcycle jacket back on and signed it for me with silver metallic marker. Taking advantage of the moment, I pulled out (from the pocket) his first 4 CDs which we continued chatting about as he removed each CD's liner notes and autographed then put back in its case.

My little heart all a-flutter, I tried to keep my composure throughout this experience. I was crushing on him at that time and this event was quite exhilarating for me, though you'd never have heard his music on mainstream radio. He was really friendly and gracious, taking so much time with me and keeping the roomful of comic-geeks waiting. I'll always love you Glenn!

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

No, I never got to the only show in NYC I had heard about at that time (early 90's). In Seattle, he was promoting his 'graphic novels' -comic books to you and me, and did no shows. I rented a dvd once and got the vicarious live thrill. He's one I wished to see.

Danzig rocks! I particularly like "Mother" and "Dirty Black Summer" Have you seen them perform live?

heehee! I get all sweaty just remembering it. O, such a hunk, love his bod, his voice, his style (even if it rips off Wolverine) great memory! And of course, who, but you, could appreciate that. [loves] ((hugs))