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Glory Hole Party

I went to a glory hole party. My sister and I went to a glory hole party held at a friends house in Whistler. All the people there were people they knew and only invited guest were allowed. At first the party was like any other and we mingled, ate, drank and every body got relaxed. At midnight the host and hostess told every one where the glory holes were set up and anyone could enter now. There was like a maze with different entrances and different doors leading off the hallways. People where a little shy I think at first but the host said they would go in a room first and any one that wanted to have sex with them through the holes should hurry up and get in line. That did it. Everyone started breaking up in lines waiting to get their turn at a hole. No one could tell who was on the other side. Woman or men? If a **** got shoved through a hole it either got stroked, sucked, ***** ****** or anal ******. The only way you knew it was a woman was if it ended up in a *****. Women sat down on holes that were positioned for oral from the person on the other side or backed up their *****/***** to a hole and got ****** from a strange ****. It could even have been their mates **** but neither would have known. I sucked some big and small ***** and got ****** in my ***** and in my ***. My sister did the same and ate out a couple of *****'s too. The party went on till after 3 in the morning then people started to leave. My sister and I left at 4 and there was still quite a few people left by the sounds of sex filtering through the cubicles. My sister and I loved our glory hole experience and want to come to the next party they have.
tonguemyass tonguemyass 18-21, F 31 Responses Apr 22, 2012

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Damn I wish I had been on that trip up to Whistler. Love to get my **** in you and your sister. Come out to Surrey, we can have our own Glory hole party

What an awesome way to end the night, would love to have you against a hole for sure

id love to have one with your sister and you on the other side

yes you would

what would you two do to me?

Your lucky I want to put my **** in a gloryhole it doesn't mater what's on the other side.

you don't know what or who is on the other side

Id love to go to a glory hole party, just the fact that you dont know who it is sounds exciting!

it makes it very exciting

what hole did you prefer using at the party?

I used them all

What a great idea for a party!
Sounds like fun for all involved.

Wow, you might even have gotten a rug-munching from your sister that night! Now, THAT'S ******* kinky!!! ; D

we both may have eaten each other who knows

What a turn on , I need to find a party like that !!
U & ur sis are so hot !!

we like to have fun together

I bet y`all do !!
I`m sure everyone that has had the pleasure of meeting y`all has had fun too !!

I am sure they have

Nothing better than party games

do you have any party games you would like to play with this little grand daughter

Pin the tail up the *******

oh my! sounds like fun

Ive been to a few places with glory holes in them they are a blast because there is always so much **** to please.

****, *** and ***** depending on what hole you are

yep they are the best

damn sounds like one hell of an evening

You had to be there to really understand the wildness

I love the story about you and your sister, gloryholes is one of the best things in life!

well it sure was fun

That sounds like a hole lot of fun!! Sorry...just jealous. I know I am just holarius.

yuk yuk

when the next one i wanna be there for sure, ill be up for anything..

Wow what a wonderfully erotic party. Bet you and your sister loved it. The element of surprise would have not only added fascination to the gloryhole activities but stimulation as well i suspect. This kind of party would be electrifying. <br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing this amazing story. Love it.<br />
<br />

it was a totally awesome experience

Hot Hot Hot...Oh to be invited to one of these parties.

they are great

WOW - that was a hot story... would love to hear more of them and how long you sucked, ****** and got ******. .. wow ... love all the action that took place....mmmm

Yeah I think everybody loved the action

A sexy **** like you gets invited to all the best parties.


i bet you were the star attraction and the hostess who got the mostest you little wild one

well I wasn't the hostess but I sure got my share

fantastic...which i was time

damn i like you !!!


Oh how very exciting. I wish I was there

it was great

Sounds fantastic, Would love to have one.

invite me when you do

That sounds like a hole different kind of party. I am so sorry that slipped out. I am an anal comedian. Great party.

Wow, I need to move to BC. !!


Love it!

Now that`s my kinda party.

mine too

Where are these parties at?? I need to go to

It was in Whistler, BC

**** I was there this winter, let me know next time your in town

Doesn't hurt to ask, but thanks for the story. Keep us posted on the next time. Oh, can you talk about the best bj big and small just would like to know little me detail when you get time... Thanks

Damn I wish I was on the other end of that glory hole ;)

Maybe next time

add me??