Present From Oldest Brother!

When I was seven years old, my oldest brother went away into the US Army. I missed him so much! But he would often send gifts back home, from where he was stationed. For my sister and I, he often sent back glowsticks! My sister and I would have hours of fun with them, running around our dark room, making ghost howls with them!

Though, sadly... my birth-father liked them too and would take many of them to use for himself... even though they were presents for us. So, my sister and I would only get two a month to play with, even though my brother sent many for us, each month. :-/

But still it's a nice memory of our older brother, sending back something cool for us to play with! And till this day, I still like glowsticks. ;-)

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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

That's so cool...things that glow are so much fun when you're a kid...ahhh...who am I kidding...things that glow are cool no matter what age you are. :D<br />
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Sounds like a great memory....well...besides your dad stealing them. :(