Love God

Its very simple easy..

We are the Part and Parcel of God, We are the incarnation of God,

Love God as you love yourself.

Speak and Listen to the Inner Heart, you queries get answered and you will run peaceful.

And ready to accept what God gives you and have child- like belief.

Feel the word, experience it and comment me back!!


God Bless You!!!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!



shanthagomathi shanthagomathi
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Yes, let us all love the One True God of the whole human race,<br />
and try our best to translate His sacred verses into action.<br />
Then the world will witness His unfading Glory.

Well the pecking order is supposed to be God and you first, then your spouse, then your children, and everyone elso comes next.