Raised In a Semi-religious Family

as a child, i went to sunday school every sunday. i learned bible stories. i read the bible. i went to confirmation in my lutheran church. in high school, i was a sunday school teacher myself. i volunteered with my churches youth group and spread the love of God to the kids at my church. but now, it's been years sense i've been back to my old church for more of a permanent place every sunday. but the way i believe in religion, is that, as long as you believe and have faith, there really is something more.

 does anyone else feel that they dont need to go to church to know that there is something more? i read the bible and pray. i respect the ten commandments and follow them as much as i can.

but do you have to go to church to be a christian?

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Yes, nice to be among friends. I dont go to church and I feel that I in a way would like to.. When I was younger, I sometimes slip into a church that was open. And sat there and tried to connect. It worked rather well as long I did that spontaneously, but if there was "service" I felt disturbed. And it was also frustrating.. <br><br />
now Im thinking on many different religions. For me it is now obvious that all people are equal in just and in all cultures there has been "religious" people. In all times. And I feel it is also what I am. I have been thinking what a church or a temple is? Many cultures have such, and the best I can think of is that it is "the house of god". I think we have god inside of us, and so when being in a church in a way is to be inside your "bigger" self. Of course I could go to a church, but the narrow-thinking that often is there disturbs the good (god) feeling. (and I think it is pretty much the same regardless of religion)! So, now I have an other worship model, I go to a good tree - thats not so far from where I live. And there I meditate and have good contact. <br><br />
Thanks for sharing this with me..

well im so happy to be amongst friends. no you dont have to go to church to be a christian or a believer in GOD.i spent 4 years a christian without church, and 6 years actively in the church.i was a youth leader, prison visitor leader, lay preacher,mens prayer group, mens breakfasts. we havent been to church for the past 4years and we still believe, sometimes i read my bible, i pray to HIM most days. but most of all ive got MORE CONFIDENCE that my GOD loves me, nomatter what. he did the hard work for us. if you are interested in more then look up WAYNE JACOBSONS books ie SO YOU DONT WANT TO GO TO CHURCH ANYMORE. its great

I only go to church when I feel I need to, I can't help but think that God would rather you go out and do kind things than sit in a church and sing songs and pray.

(question)does anyone else feel that they dont need to go to church to know that there is something more?<br />
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(answer)Yes, of course I do, there is so much uncertainty in science that I cannot wait to see the developments of the future. Do we live in a string universe? Possibly, or is our universe one of many countless other universes that have evolved just like our own? Can consciousness be removed from my body to exist remotely? Perhaps in a machine or in some kind of quantum state...Or are we just a demonstration of life on a computer? I don't know the answers, but I sure do like to ponder the questions and their implications...Physics and biology and chemistry and chaos...I don't need to learn what men from over one thousand years ago think about the universe, I can look at the last fifty years of advancements and smile to myself. There is something more, and even if I don't find it, at least I've had a chance to exist and think about it for awhile. I love this universe!

I think you can be. I went to church when I was younger, but in my early teens I had a crisis of faith and stopped. A few years ago I found God again and it made my life so much better, but I never returned to church. I think if you have faith and practice love and forgiveness then you are a good Christian, regardless of how many Sundays you choose to sleep in.