Not One and the Same

I hate when people ask me if I go to church and when I say no they then assume that I don't believe in God... or that I can't believe in God! I'm sorry this to me is ignorant... and they just seem to find me. I have to wonder if somewhere on me a religious person hasn't stamped "save her soul" or put a scent on my like the perfume people in the mall!

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Well i am not Christian but i would like to add one thing that when we say that we believe in God.. then we should not forget that God told us some rules and regulations to spend our lives according to those words.. and we should prove from our daily life that we not only say in words that we belive in God but we are practically proving it .. <br />
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Well is done is better than well said..<br />
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I used to be a Christian, now I consider myself a Christ fan. I used to preach at people until I read the Bible seriously for the 2nd time, and found out that religion is what you do, and not what you say.<br />
Christ describes a Christian in Mark 16: 16-18. I've never seen anyone fit that description. So I call myself a Christ fan. I don't go to Church, but I "do' pray. I haven't had anyone try to save my soul in a long long time. I almost feel left out!

The use the words "believe in God" is grammatically <br />
incorrect.It should be "do you believe in the existence of <br />
God".Moreover,why should you be concerned about <br />
what other people's opinion of you is for not attending<br />
a church,whatever the denomination.There is an element of truth about Reality4Me's statement about those who attend church services for social status,and who could not answer questions concerning the activities of Jesus,whom they profess to worship.Finally,<br />
since the God the world refers to is Omnipresent,that is<br />
there nowhere that it is not,therefore anywhere you are,God is,and is available to all,but their must be a conscious relization of God's presence.

I am a Christian. I believe the Bible is God's word. I believe Jesus died on the cross to save us. You know the basics. I do NOT believe in organized religion, or that you have to go to church. Unfortunately most churches are full of people that are only there for social status and to keep up appearances. I don't understand how each denomination has such different beliefs, and think they are the only ones who are right and will end up in Heaven. You can praise God and Worship from anywhere, it does not have to be in a church.